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Love Poetry!

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hey precious pals! :wub:


just thought it'd be nice to dedicate a space to love poetry :wub: plz note that i mean poetry and not song lyrics... classic or contemporary... Farsi or English, bring it on!! :DD :DD :DD :DD



my all time favorites:



Looking For Your Face- Molana Rumi


From the beginning of my life

I have been looking for your face

but today I have seen it.


Today I have seen

the charm, the beauty,

the unfathomable grace

of the face

that I was looking for.


Today I have found you

and those that laughed

and scorned me yesterday

are sorry that they were not looking

as I did.


I am bewildered by the magnificence

of your beauty

and wish to see you with a hundred eyes.


My heart has burned with passion

and has searched forever

for this wondrous beauty

that I now behold.


I am ashamed

to call this love human

and afraid of God

to call it divine.


Your fragrant breath

like the morning breeze

has come to the stillness of the garden

You have breathed new life into me

I have become your sunshine

and also your shadow.


My soul is screaming in ecstasy

Every fiber of my being

is in love with you


Your effulgence

has lit a fire in my heart

and you have made radiant

for me

the earth and sky.


My arrow of love

has arrived at the target

I am in the house of mercy

and my heart

is a place of prayer.



I Have No Life But This

by Emily Dickinson


I have no life but this,

To lead it here;

Nor any death, but lest

Dispelled from there;

Nor tie to earths to come,

Nor action new,

Except through this extent,

The Realm of You!





Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

Thou art more lovely and more temperate:

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,

And summer's lease hath all too short a date:

Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,

And often is his gold complexion dimm'd;

And every fair from fair sometime declines,

By chance or nature's changing course untrimm'd;

But thy eternal summer shall not fade

Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest;

Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade,

When in eternal lines to time thou growest:

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,

So long lives this and this gives life to thee.

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Guest Guest

hey Dodoee joonam and Khanomi e gol o golab! :):):)


thanx for ur nice comments! ill put some more soon!! :)

mowaaaahhh!! :wub::wub: :p :p





lol shazdeh very nice  :wub:


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this one is Asheghaneh" by Forugh Farrokhzad, my favorite contemporary Iranian female poet. enjoyyy!!! :wub:

the farsi version sounds somewhat more "asheghaneh" but due to my laziness i cant be bothered to type it all in persian, just had to copy and paste the English version, be roye mahe khodeton bebakhshid :bl :bl


My nights are painted bright with your dream, sweet love

And heavy with your fragrance is my breast.

You fill my eyes with your presence, sweet love.

Giving me more happiness than grief.

Like rain washing through the soil

You have washed my life clean.

You are the heartbeat of my burning body;

A fire blazing in the shade of my eyelashes.

You are more bountiful than the wheat fields,

More fruit-laden than the golden boughs.

Against the onslaught of darkening doubts

You are a door thrown open to the suns.

When I am with you, I fear no pain

For my only pain is a pain of happiness.

This sad heart of mine and so much light?

Sounds of life from the bottom of a grave?


Your eyes are my pastures, sweet love

The stamp of your gaze burning deep into my eyes.

If I had you within me before, sweet love

I would not take anybody else for you.

Oh it's a dark pain, this urge of wanting;

Setting out, belittling oneself fruitlessly;

Laying one's head on chests hiding a black heart;

Soiling one's breast with ancient hatred;

Finding a snake in a caressing hand;

Discovering venom behind friendly smiles;

Putting coins into deceitful hands;

Getting lost in the midst of bazaars.


You are my breath of life, sweet love,

You have brought me back to life from the grave.

You have come down from the distant sky,

Like a star on two golden wings

Silencing my loneliness, sweet love,

Imbuing my body with odours of your embrace.

You are water to the dry streams of my breasts,

You are a torrent to the dry bed of my veins.

In a world so cold and as bleak,

In step with your steps, I proceed.


You are hidden under my skin

Flowing through my every cell,

Singeing my hair with your caressing hand,

Leaving my cheeks sunburned with desire.

You are, sweet love, a stranger to my dress

But so familiar with the fields of my nakedness.

O bright and eternal sunrise,

The strong sunshine of southern climes,

You are fresher than early dawn,

Fresher and better-watered than spring-tide.

This is no longer love, it is dazzlement,

A chandelier blazing amidst silence and darkness.

Ever since love was awakened in my heart,

I have become total devotion with desire.

This is no longer me, no longer me,

Oh wasted are the years I lived with "me."

My lips are the altar of your kisses, sweet love

My eyes watching out for the arrival of your kiss.



You are the convulsions of ecstasy in my body,

Like a garment, the lines of your figure covering me.

Oh I am going to burst open like a bud,

My joy becoming tarnished for a moment with sorrow.

Oh I wish to jump to my feet

And pour down tears like a cloud



This sad heart of mine and burning incense?

Music of harp and lyre in a prayer-hall?

This empty space and such flights?

This silent night and so much song?

Your gaze is like a magic lullaby, sweet love,

A cradle for restless babies.

Your breathing is a breeze half-asleep

Washing down all my tremours of anguish;

It is hidden in the smiles of my tomorrows,

It has sunken deep into the depths of my worlds.


You have touched me with the frenzy of poetry;

Pouring fire into my songs,

kindling my heart with the fever of love,

Thus setting all my poems ablaze, sweet love.

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i love many of her poems :wub:


her poetry has a lot of meaning and it really is fun to read :wub:

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The four-letter word everyone longs to hear

To have that special someone whisper it in your ear

We wait our whole lives for the real thing

Many times mistaking what was only a fling


When you find that someone, you'll know it's real

Because in your heart, it will be love you feel

When you look in their eyes and feel your heart beating

You'll know it's the love that is never fleeting


Unselfishly you give your heart...

Hoping and praying it will not be torn apart

If ever this love proves not to be true

He'll leave with something belonging to you

A part of your heart forever he'll take

You will get over this, for your own sake


After all, you must still go on

For it is not your whole heart that is gone

Many believe in love at first sight

If you find that someone, hold on tight


Work on the relationship to make it grow

And in time you will know

If this is the love, you've waited your life for

You will never want or need... anything more...



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Guest BehnoushY

This is by Sa'adi (one of our greatest poets)


Dar an nafas ke bemiram dar arezooye to basham

Bedan omid daham jan ke khake kooye to basham


Be vaghte sobhe ghiamat ke sar ze khak bar aram

Be goftogooye to khizam, be jostojooye to basham


Be majma'ee ke bar ayand shahedane do aalam

Nazar be sooye to daram, gholame rooye to basham


Hadise roze nagooyam, gole behesht nabooyam

jamale hoor najooyam, davan be sooye to basham


Be khab-gahe adam gar hezar sal bekhostam

Be khabe aghebat aagah be booye mooye to basham


Meye behesht nanoosham ze jaame saghie rezvan

Mara be baade che haajat ke maste booye to basham


Hezar badieh sahl ast ba vojoode to raftan

Agar khalaf konam Sa'adia be sooye to basham


I understand if it's too hard to read it this way...I'll try to find a Farsi written version of it.

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