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Persian Sheet Music App for Mobiles and Tablets

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Hi everybody,

Just wanted to let you know about an app that I published a while ago. Feel free to check it out if you're interested in reading chord charts.etc. It's a free app by the way.


You can search in Amazon market place, Google play, or Apple Store for it if you like. It's called "Persian Sheet Music"...




By the way, I'm working on a fun (group project) music video clip for YouTube. If there are any singers/Musicians out there who are interested...let me know for sure. No Keyboardists please! Only if you sing or play an acoustic instrument (Strings, Brass, Guitars, ..etc)

For singers, you don't have to be a lead singer with a super awesome voice. As long as you have a decent singing voice with some music experience...I'll supply the backing tracks and you'll record your part in your studio, bedroom, kitchen..whatever, wherever... .

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