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Shervin On X Factor UK

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Hey folks,


I am sure by now you all have already heard about Shervin's participation in UK's X Factor contest. I personally find him a good singer with some decent vocal ability, not too fond of his music style, nonetheless a great singer for our Persian music market.


Having said that I also have to admit that I was not really impressed with his overall 2 performances on X Factor show, he lacked several factors which eventually played the biggest role in his elimination; He completely lacked the feeling in his vocal projection, this ironically came while he chose to sing 2 real emotional and mega hit songs, in particular Maria's "Hero" track which is surrounded by loads of feeling and emotion, next came his shortcoming of properly delivering the songs' ornamental runs and techniques which eventually choked him on his second performance.


Nevertheless kudos to him for his bravery and decent show on such big and popular stage, hope to see more Iranian vocalists taking part in the future.


I would love to hear your take and opinion on his performances on this popular show.


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Thanks for sharing bro, have not heard about him before.

I think his extreme confidence in his vocal abilities ultimately is also his weakness and reason for downfall. He doesn't pin down anything properly in his performance.

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