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Tik Taak - Harze (song)

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I am not too big on Persian rap and hip hop, but there is something about Tik Taak's productions that appeals to me. Its a bit more than the usual Farsi Rap we hear coming from inside the country (not sure where these guys are based). I liked their Mirim Khoonehamoon more though! because that was more experimental than this and they made it work in Persian, even as video! I have listened to this track a couple of times and its not as instant but it does grow.

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I am not familiar with them, but when I saw your thread title for a second I though you meant Ke$ha's Tik Tok track :D


Thanks for providing the link bro, Honestly I couldn't listen to more than 1:40 of the track, and even that I had to fast forward, well mainly because I have never been a huge fan of Persian rap to begin with, but this particular track the fact that the intro took almost a minute before the song picked up was a boring factor for me, and then the auto tune turned me off, not to mention the ambiguity of the whole production, but again it's my personal taste and I could be wrong. I think our own beloved Dodo must be very fond of these guys as she was always a hardcore fan of Persian rap/hip hop :D

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