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It's Time For Seyed Ali To Go

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For over 30 years the Islamic Republic of Iran has ruined the Iranian economy, unsuccessfully tried to completely eradicate Persian culture along with the Iranian national identity, toyed with the Iranian people by tolerating some reforms, and now they’ve turned their guns on the those same people. You know there’s something wrong when a government begins to indiscriminately shoot its own people dead just for peacefully assembling on the streets. Perhaps you may think to yourself that any sort of assembly in Iran is illegal and not constitutionally protected. As a matter of fact, the Islamic Constitution of Iran allows for peaceful assemblies in public spaces. With the legal issue out of the picture, the only other explanation for the genocidal behavior of the Islamic Republic is that the leadership isn’t really Iranian. Everyone knows that the Mullahs originally came from such countries as Lebanon, Bahrain, and Iraq. With the exception of Iran, none of those countries had sizable Persian communities and they weren’t under the control of Persian leaders when they exported their Mullahs to Iran. After putting two and two together you soon realize the Mullahs aren’t Iranian after all. They’re the bastard children of foreigners with major identity issues. Iran is suffering at the hands of these brutal occupiers who failed to effectively assimilate into Persian society. Everyone else in Iran regards his/herself as an Iranian despite the language spoken at home. The idiots running Iran have little regard for the country they’re oppressing. I wonder if they ever got the fax from ET: “Khamenei Go Home.”

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