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Is Egypt There Yet?

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"Baba are we there yet?" Questions a small Egyptian boy impatiently waiting to arrive at his Grandmother's house. His annoyed father simply ignores him because he's asked the same question for the past twenty minutes. The boy crosses his arms and begins to frown. Amused by his adult-like mannerisms, his mother turns around and runs a hand over his head. She tells him to be patient and that they will arrive shortly. "But Mama this drive feels longer than Hosni Mubarak's reign," exclaimed the seven year old child. Yes it has been 30 years since Hosni Mubarak was sworn in as President of the Arab Republic of Egypt. Today was his last day as head of the Egyptian state Crowds cheered as they heard that the President resigned his position and became a very wealthy ordinary citizen. Mubarak has joined the ranks of Ali Baba and Muhammad Bin Baklava, the only difference is that he has billions of dollars in his private bank account. So Egypt is now in the hands of its military while the people plan the next step in their Revolution. Lets just hope things don't go bad like they did in France when heads began to roll or in Iran when the children of the revolution were devoured by the hungry Ayatollah. Luckily there aren't any Robespierres or Khomeinis lurking in the crowds of Cairo, not yet at least. Hopefully the fall of the Mubarak regime ushers in a new somewhat democratic era. No one should expect too much too soon. After all, France went through two Empires and about five republics after its revolution before it became a functioning democracy. So be patient with Egypt. If women don't start coming out in bikinis and guys don't start rocking crazy hair dews, don't get down. Egypt has a Muslim majority and its culture values are Eastern as opposed to Wester. Democracy in Egypt will not look the same as Democracy in North America or Europe. Change will come but it'll be slow to get there. So are we there yet baba? No son, we've only started the journey to democracy.

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