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AliReza Pahlavi Dies...

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Sad day... :( .

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I put here some articles and video ... R I P Ali Reza Jan .








Ali-Reza’s death


It remains to be seen what impact Ali-Reza’s death will have on a society in turmoil




Why did he do it?


Alireza Pahlavi and the aftermath of his death





Tragic End


Alireza Pahlavi's suicide





And ...



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I was very sad to hear the passing of Ali Reza, especially since this was a case of suicide. The Pahlavis have seen their fair share of tragedy, being thrown out of Iran, losing a father, sister, and now brother. The Qajars really weren't affected when Reza Khan overthrew their dynasty. In fact, a British observer noted that the last crown prince of the Qajar dynasty left the country without an ounce of regret that his dynasty had come to an end. This would explain why they live so comfortable in England without any regard for the suffering of Iranians back in Iran.

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