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Sven Eriksson to manage Team Melli?!

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SkySports - Sven to Iran


So it seems the Iranian FA have their sights set on landing the former England manager. Sven has just been confirmed manager of the Ivory Coast team after a stint with the Mexican national team and English 1st Division club Notts County. He commands a massive wage, such is his reputation. I personally am not a fan of him whatsoever, he is unproven on the international stage and is vastly overated! His persona and media reputation is what has kept him in high-profile football as far as i'm concerned. He virtually ruined our national squad, despite a wealth of talent at his disposal. He has little inspiration for players on the pitch and is notorious for his lack of discipline.

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I don't want to see him as coach of that islamic team !!!!!! Sven is between the best coach and he deserve to be in a team without any political influence... i admire him for what he did when he was coach of Yuventus Turino ! one the best ...




Thx for topìc Mr Pedram .

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