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Iranian idioms in english

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It has probably been done before but here goes:


My father came out, and I will take out your father! - Pedareh man dar aamad, va pedareh to ra ham dar miaram!


Donkey into donkey!!! - Khar to khareh!!!


His head is playing with his ass! - Saaresh ba koonesh bazi meekoneh!


My stomach is making salt! - Delam shoor mizaneh!


I died from laughter. - Az khandeh mordam.


My stomach became a kabob! - Delam kabob shod!


She still has two and a half swallows left!!! :eek_wft: - Hanooz do ghoort o nimesh baghy ast!!!


I'll eat your liver! - Jigareto bokhoram!


I haven't said anything to her and she has grown a tongue! - Behesh hichi nagoftam zabun daravordeh!


Punch you so hard that electricity will come out of your eyes! - Enghadr seft bezanamet keh bargh as cheshmet bepareh!


What kind of dirt shall I put on my head? - Che khaki bar saram berizam?


Now post yours :p

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What kind of dirt should I pour on my head? - Cheh khaaky bar saram bereezam?


Dirt on your head! - Khaak bar saret!

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