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The Best Poem of 2006

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This poem was nominated by UN as the best poem of 2006

written by an African Kid


When I born, I black

When I grew up, I black

When I go in sun, I black

When I scared, I black

When I sick, I black

And when I die, I still black



And you white fellow

when you born, you pink

when you grow up, you white

when you go in sun, you red

when you cold, you blue

when you scared,you yellow

when you sick, you green

And when you die, you gray


And you calling me colored?


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The poem is all about human color and the difference that the little child faces in his day to day life. He wrote the poem in a very nice way. It is not the color who differentiates a human from human it's all about the heart that differentiate a man from a man.

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Some political poetry is mere rant, but not Espada's. Exemplified by this eighth collection, his work captures the depth of human experience as shaped by the political inevitabilities of both America and Latin America.The Best American Poetry series offers a distinguished poet's selection of poems published in the course of a year. The guest editor for 2006 is Billy Collins, one of our most beloved poets, who has chosen poems of wit, humor, imagin.# Summarizes this issue as "an anthology that demonstrates the vitality of American poetry and showcases poems of wit, charm, humor, eloquence, ingenuity, and comic invention."

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