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Jennifer's Body (2009) hot

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Have you seen this movie and it was a better movie attraction for teens most of the teens do waited to see this movie and most of all I like the way the movie flows with enthuse and the director of the movie seems to grab lot information from the past movies of horror to make this movie this much success free movies we saw the movie to day and it was brilliant movie for us







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Megan Fox has the noisy Transformers movies to thank for in propelling her to fan geekdom, where her Mikaela character had probably captured more attention amongst the fan boys who are just as ecstatic about catching some mindless, high-octane Michael Bay action, as they are trying to figure out what the bombshell has got to do with robots. Which is pretty little of course rather than to ramp up its sexy quotient, and to think that Fox herself would be more suited for a role such as this one, in which she plays a demonic cheerleader out to seduce and devour boys.

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