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while keeping in mind that:

- Sharing of copyrighted material (uploading, linking ...) is forbidden!

- Advertising is forbidden! Even linking to facebook pages. Non-profit organisations are to contact the administrators for approval!

- In order for the moderators to comprehend the content of the posts, you should either write in English or Persian.

- Every individual who contributes to creation and maintenance of a hostile environment is to be WARNED AND BANNED!!!

- If you do find an “offensive” post, means that we must have overseen it somehow.
please Report it to us, and it will be taken care of.

- All offensive PMs are to be reported via PM to "pourya", if published in the forum it will have consequences even for the person who is reporting the PM! Private should be handled PRIVATE!! (NEW)

- Image Content Guideline:

You are basically free to post anything, as long as it adheres to ”common” sense, -courtesy and -decency! But just to make things easier I’ll put up some guidelines regarding TWO of the most provocative types of images:

Extreme images: such as pictorial war-accounts or other material that displays torture, extreme wounds or suffering are allowed to be posted as long as they are serious and relevant to the topics or in public interest! But under no circumstances should these be holinked to (a hotlink embeds an image into the forum, so its visible to every one who browses the thread)! That means that you should post it as a normal hyper(text)link where the image is first available for viewing AFTER you’ve clicked on the link! And ALWAYS write a ”WARNING” + ”type of content”, above the link!

Nudity: with nudity we mean visible private-parts and bare breasts (nipples). If these parts are covered it is no longer ”nudity” per definition! Nudity is only allowed in relation to ART and casually funny pics! You are also allowed to post sexy yet tasteful pics of very scantily clad ladies or men in some relevant threads (such as adults or BOOTY-thread) as long as they don’t display private-parts or nipples or sexual acts (NO PORN)! In other threads as long as you first WARN about the content and then hyperlink to! ***Update: we have now decided not to allow any kind of material displaying sexual or adult content in avatars and signatures!***

- Although we try to keep the posts relevant to each thread's specific topic, a part of our forum's policy provides us with the freedom and flexibility to deviate from it spontaneously! But if anyone who originates a thread Wishes to have her/his topic strictly dedicated to that particular topic, that works just fine! You just have to mention it in the first post!

- Start only one thread with your topic, in a relevant section. Multiple posting of same topic will be considered spamming! If there is a related topic already existing in the forum please do post in that instead if starting a new thread. Use our search engine to search for the related threads.

- Trolling is forbidden and is an instant bannable offence in almost all cases! Trolling is the act of purposely deceiving other users of this community or the community as a whole. The following are examples of trolling, but trolling is not limited to just these examples:

* You post inflammatory, rude or offensive messages designed to annoy and antagonize the existing members or disrupt the flow of discussion.

* You try to falsely pose as a known celebrity, when in fact, you are not that celebrity at all. (i.e. You try to make others believe you are Andy Madadian, when you really are Javad NistDarJahan from NakojaAbad.)

* You try to falsely act like you know a celebrity personally or you falsely tell others you are a relative of that celebrity.

* You try to be someone else who you definitely are not. (i.e. You post photographs here of someone else, and at the same time, you openly claim that you are that other person in the photos when you truly are not.)

* You register an account only to purposely start a thread or to reply to an existing thread, for posting false or unverified rumours or starting fights.

A troll is an Internet user who attempts to do any of the above or any variation of it.

- This is a sexually implicit forum, where members are allowed to reflect their sexuality as long as they refrain from using explicit language and material! If you CAN'T handle it LEAVE or be deported!!!

- There is no place or tolerance for self-proclaimed prophets of morality and self-righteous puritan preachers here! Do not mount the pulpit!!!

If we visit your home we will adapt and adjust us to your rules, when you are in our forum you will respect and adhere to the rules and boundaries set by the forum administrators!

the BIA2 admin. team reserves the right to ban anyone who violates the items above!

Each individual, of any opinion and conviction, who can not commit and adhere to the forum rules, who gets engaged in hot discussions and then get passionate beyond reason where she/he cant control herself/himself from violating codes and rules of the domain, is to be warned and banned! Refrain from foul language and offensive jargon and you’ll be on the safe side, no matter your opinion or conviction!
If not, suffer the consequences!

Enjoy Your Forum!

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