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BIA2 Needs To Take Immediate Actions!!

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Dear Friends,


Special Attention to: Web Developer Mr. Amir P.



Our dignity and honor is under a huge question mark, for years we have claimed to be Persian patriots. In fact, from East to the west we have declared our love and passion for our homeland, Iran. Our fellow Iranians are being slaughtered in bloodshed, our friends are being shot right in the eye and being targeted at the throats.

The following video need to be immediately reviewed. There is a picture of Bia2 as well that I do not believe belongs to any clip similar to this.




BIA2 needs to take further actions to prove what it claims to stand for. The honorable nation of Iran needs to see support from every possible single corner.


Aram A.

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As you know and have addressed, Amir is the owner and executive director of Bia2.com. However due to other occupations he seldom visits the forums, so I suggest you to contact him via e-mail regarding you questions and suggestions. However just to share with you the policy that Bia2 has adopted in this regard (so far), which doesn’t necessarily reflect either one of our personal opinions in its entirety.


The concert ads which were featured on the website ‘til a few days ago and also depicted in the screencap of the clip, remained there because of a contract which was legally agreed to before these tragic events started and were by law to be honored. However as of yesterday Bia2 is in official mourning status, and has gone in complete radio silence in solidarity with the movement. Regarding color, we do not agree with the fact that the color of a certain domestic opposition has come to represent the entire movement, we believe that this is similar to the mistake committed 30 years ago by all groups uniting blindly behind a certain Ayatollah Khomeini’s branch which came to have devastating and irreversible repercussions! So we use the Iranian flag’s colors to support the resistance and have dressed our logo in black, but there will be no green. And regarding the content featured on the main page, we reserve the right to remain an entertainment website and support the movement with material in accordance with the kind of media we are. There are material currently being selected in regard to the purpose and will be featured on the main page shortly.


Again these are the adopted policies in regard to the situation, you are more than welcome to contact the executive director Amir with your further thoughts. This thread however will be closed since the addressed party is not here for a discussion.


Thank you for your time and attention,


The Bia2 team.

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