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For Kurds, the turmoil in Iran is in a far-away country!

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KurdishMedia.com - By Kaysarnas19/06/2009 00:00:00

For the last thirty years, the Islamic Revolution in Iran, has not been able to solidify the dominance of the Persian-Islamic and Religious Nationalism over cultural diversities in Iran.



The recent post-election turmoil in Iran reveals a tip of the iceberg in ethno-religious conflict that has existed for centuries between various cultures in Iran.



This development, will not only, has the potential, to engulf Iranians in further conflict, but also, it will ends the long-over-due rule of the Persians (the Fars) over Iran.



At the present time, Mr. Mir Hossein Mossavi (an Azeri from East Azerbaijan) is spearheading this ethnoreligious movement in Iran.



West & East Azerbyjan, claimed by the Kurds as being a part of the ancient Kingdom of the Medes, have been under extreme assimilation policy by the Ilkhans and Moghol Turks for the last one thousand years.



Constituting over 20% of the Iranian population, and the same can be said of Tehran's population, one can say that the Azeri's assimilation of identity, from the ancient Kurds (Medes) to "Turks" is a "fait accompli" and almost an irreversible reality to the dismay of the wishful thinking Kurds who want to establish again, the Kingdom of the Medes and the Madaland.



In this process the winner will be Turkey, and the Turkic States of Central Asia and ultimately China, while the Persians have to regret trying to rescue their eventual demise-in- the-making, for coat tailing Islam to be their savior!.



Turks as the potential victors in Iran's politic will only strengthen the hands of the Chinese and the Central Asian countries.



By delivering Iran to the Chinese, the Turks may ask for the liberation of their homeland, the Islamic Turkistan, in the Xinjiang province of China.



The Chinese will then have a stretch of friendly states from the East through Central Asia & Iran and to the land of the Levant and into the heart of Europe via Turkey by the virtue of its future admission to the European Union (Capitulation of Europe to China as the result of the new Silk Road Project).



What Can the US do?



If stays as a bystander, the US Policy & the Iranian slogan "Death To America" will co-merge to the pleasure of the Turks and the Chinese.



After winning the "Grand Prize" "Iran", the Chinese and the Turks will move toward Iraq to reverse the US policies there and in the entire Middle East.



That will be just what the emperors of China had in mind from the ancient times to the present day, on the politics of "How The East Won The West", or "How The West Was Re-Won"!.



Focus on Iraq and the Kurds as stepping stones to stabilize ethnic and religious differences in Iran.


KurdishMedia.com - By Kaysarnas19/06/2009 00:00:00

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This is pure propaganda! Refrain from posting any of its kind in this forum!

You are welcome to debate issues but do not post propaganda!


Thread will be locked!

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