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Metallica _-_ DEATH MAGNETIC 2008

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It was to hope that the new work of Metallica came accompanied from something of controversy, once this one outside published and we knew how will sound the return of the American band that referring once outside world-wide of trash metal. But what it was not so foreseeable it is all the controversy that it is generating to months of its publication, as the attempt of censorship to the critic, or to speculate with free of charge publishing the disc, after heading the lawsuit against Napster at the time.


All this will be in anything if, when we pruned to hear the disc in September, we really find a in him a job around the name of the band, and not a product of so very small quality as was it St. Anger. If you ask to me, I will say to you that personally I have enough little faith in the classic promise “to recover the old sound” that has made the band, because to so many we have heard it before times, that cost to believe it already. Hopefully it mistakes to me. To which it went.


By means of the video that heads east article, the band has announced already which will be the definitive title of the album: Death Magnetic. Basic, it sounds another fast advance of the album that, by short, does not get to say nothing absolutely. With more or less hopes put in him, we left it to the election of each, will follow kind all the new information that they are arriving at the Network, authorized or not by the group.

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