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I've found it a little difficult to work with optical pen! Still doesn't give you that freehand feeling of normal pen! :unsure:



Speaking of Corel Painter! I was going to ask you guys a question!



Let say some artist like... Dali for example! Creates a work using traditional oil paint and brushes, if he then create the same work using digital application and we know for sure it was him who created that work! Would they have the same price!?


Maybe the right question would be... How creditable is digital art?



Thank you!

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In my opinion the art of an artist has the credit given by his credibility of an artist! However an oil painting or piece made by any other traditional media is "unique"! In the sense the there is "one" of it, it might be copied but the copy will never be the exact original work! in digital art its different in the sense that you can massprint an artwork in exact duplications! this will surely make the traditional piece increase in value! since if its destroyed then there is no more! But at the same time digital art makes it easier to produce art! So those who want their art to be created faster and more often in a more visually enhanced way have the chance to do that! i would love a Dalli original on my wall, but i also love the fact that I am able to see great quality art from my fave contemporary artists more often than i would if they had worked with traditional media!


if every copy of a book was handwritten by the author it would have been more uique and valuable! but the technology has made bookwriting more frequent and accessible! and for me as a reader more enjoyable since i get books from my fave writers more often!

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Guest triple555

i like Pourya's take on it :happy_wft:




today i tried my friends pen and it does take a little time getting used to but he also taught me about zooming in and out for the more variety of detail

i think its an interesting process for that reason itself, in my opinion worth learning just like any other tools

like paint/water color brush, conte crayon, rapidograph, graphite for sketching and such ... each has its own way of controlling

I think that applies to the digital pen as well and up to the person getting creative with it




well your dali example kind of reminds of the whole thing about film photography and digital photography


i mean i wouldn't really try to think about the creditability of digital over the traditional way of working because they are totally different things and

have gone through a transition of thought throughout time


I think artist back then produced work being a result of that certain period and had many different medias to work with however they also got to choose the media, for example, if they wanted to provoke a particular mood, i think the media is then carefully chosen for just that


we even have the era where photographers started impressionist type of film photography how they made their pictures look like paintings and people criticizing it as cheating

Like this one from 1894



but why?



Its the thought of creating such things that counts to me and lets say some one is a very serious collector what would they do about digital work?

that is where digital printing comes in! its a whole different world of art i think!





ok sorry i'm done :calm_wft: :haha:

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jaye triple555 cheghadar khalieh dar forum... I hope she is ok .

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