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Salam All / Hi there


Hal Shoma Khob Asti / How are you guys?


This is Luqman. Basically from the Pakistan. I have-had been working in Tehran Iran and lived a long time there. To know more about me, please study below or study my website at http://www.luqman-technologies.com/


I'm an optimistic and easy going person...... I have a “Live and let live” philosophy. ---I am normally friendly and sociable but can be quiet at times and people assume that I have nothing to say.... but I'm really just absorbing my surroundings...... I guess it depends on the people I meet and the day.... Sometimes I also need quiet time for myself and enjoy my solitude. ---I love trying and learning new things. I'm rather sensible and practical, but can be very spontaneous and adventurous, too. ---I would like to think I am good, reliable person. I may not be very quick at making friends but when I devote to something or someone, it’s for life. I love to connect through good conversation and music. I am open to see anyone’s opinion, I might not agree but I will always listen :) ---I enjoy meeting good people with sense of humour, optimism and who are generally happy. I get along well with people who have an easygoing nature, are open and friendly, and have a zest for life. ---I am inspired by those who take risks to get, and do what they want in life, those who turn dreams into reality, instead of complaining or waiting for things to happen. People who are keen on finding solutions, not creating problems. People who dare to be different, but not weird or wacky. People who have a deep respect for life and everything that the world has to offer. ---I like talking to people from all walks of life, different backgrounds or cultures. People with different opinions who are happy to discuss them without becoming angry and defensive. Everyone has something to offer. ---I love to laugh; make me laugh and you'll have a friend for life. I like those who have an interesting story to tell but don’t overwhelm others with their personality. I love being able to have light conversation, but also talk about philosophical, social or spiritual things as well! ---I like people who have a thirst for knowledge and who are willing to teach me new things and help me see things from a new perspective, and let me do the same from them. Basically, if you are reliable, adaptable and practical, but ready at all times for the most spontaneous adventures, we'll get along...



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Hi Lugman!


its very nice too meet you, feels like i know alot about u already by reading your first post ;)

welcome to you, im sure you will enjoy ur stay =D

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Dear all:


I thank you guys loads for writing and particepating in this forum. :harhar_wft[1]:


I also want all you guys write about you a little more for me to understand about you guys a little as well.


Lets rock the party ...!


Also include what guys going to make a dizzy (aab e gosht) as I will be traveling down to Tehran by the end of this month and will be there for a month or so.


Write soon :bandana:






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