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I need the title of a poem by Forough Farrokhzad!

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the reason why i need this poem is very important to me, it is because my father chose a couple lines of this poem by Forough Farrokhzad to put on my amoo's grave when he died at the age of 24, my father was 22 years old. I would like to have the entire poem, it means the world to me. but i can't find it on the web...


here's just one line of it...


"shayad ay shayad asheghanam nime shab gol be roye goore ghamnakam nahand"


if u can help me out i really appreciate it.



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Guest triple555

salam davoooood jan!! :friends:


well i hope this helps!! i remember my aunt talking about this a long

time ago! This work is in Forugh's collected work ESYAN ... Title: Badha


it is online, you just need the right wording or it can be kind of awkward to find it ..


so here is actually the recite of the poem on video !


and a link about her work Esyan (Rebellion):


Farrokhzad's rebellion

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