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Poker anyone?

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I dont know but since 2004 its burst onto the scene and now its pretty annoying seeing it on ESPN every hour.

Whatever is the case there are many iranians in the world series of poker, many of which are doing really well.



Farzad "Freddy" Bonyadi (3 WOP Bracelets)



Antonio Esfandiari (1 WOP Bracelet, not hispanic he changed his name bc he wanted to become a magician (lol))


Probably the best Iranian poker player out there right now


Hamid Dastmalchi (3 WOP Bracelets)



Amir Vahedi (1 WOP Bracelet)


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Freddy ro chand vaght pish touye L.A airport didamesh !




Poker digeh hal nemideh ! ageh ba chand ta khoshgel blond bazi koni,ye chizi,vagarnah,man tarjih midam beram asb savari :D

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