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strange, major problem with MP3 player "Creative Zen V plus"

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strange, major problem with MP3 player "Creative Zen V plus"


I bought a Creative Zen V plus from amazon 5 months ago, and recently have been experiencing baffling connectivity, file transfer and power issues.


Neither Windows nor Windows media player are able to detect the player. Basically, the computer isn't recognizing the player's attempts to connect. A balloon notification pops up claiming the USB device is malfunctioning. ALL USB ports are operational, and I've already tried swapping USB cables, and have attempted connecting the player to another laptop as well. Same effect. I've been on the Creative, and Amazon websites and nothing there (including a troubleshooting guide) were able to remedy the problem.


There is definitely something wrong with the player. I am able to listen to music, but cannot access Creative Mediasource, or ZenCast organizer to see my files (as the computer doesn't read the player at all). I cannot transfer files to/from the player, and my Mp3z are literally trapped on the player.


As for power levels, the player is reading minimal levels and disconnecting the player from the USB cable causes an immediate shutdown. However, leaving the player connected doesn't charge the unit either. The power levels remain near to zero at all times, as if in a state of electronic limbo. Turning on the computer prompts the player to light up, and turning off or hibernating causes the player to shutdown. I am unable to use the player portably. I am however able to listen to music, so long as the player is attached to the computer.


It's strange: the player isn't connected to my computer (as far as Window's is concerned), but enough power is getting through via the computer to allow me to listen to songs.


Now, neither Amazon nor Creative have warranty service information on their website for this product. Also, there was no warranty slip provided in the delivery package from Amazon. I found that to be strange? Why wouldn't there be a warranty? Anyways, regarding the warranty I've asked Amazon to mail the warranty information. That will take some time.


My next step is to contact both Amazon, and Creative but from you guys, I need some options on what I can do on my own in case these two companies decide to take me for a ride.


By the way, my personal guess as to what's wrong is one of the pins on the player's connecting end is bent, or broken. But, the chord fits in properly.



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