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Poems/Songs dedicated to Bia2 Members...

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Red Neck Lover - dedicated to Cactus Jack


Seeing you here has been a pleasure,

Loving you is now my leisure,

Every night I'm just here for you,

Call me baby, whenever you want to,

I want this feeling to stay forever,

Unfaithful? Oh baby, Never ever,




'Cuz I'm a Red Neck Lover,

I need no other,so long as you're here,

Honey bun, I have nothing to fear,

I'm a Red Neck Lover,

I don't want no other,

Oh brother! Aaaooowww!!!


I know you love your shot gun,

But put it down, I need you to chat hun,

I'm all for the party RepublicUn,

Lets pay a visit to Bush and give him a bun,

You know it'll prolly just be for fun,

How much you say you weigh? A tonne?

But you know what? I don't give a damn,

No matter what, you're still my man!


(Chorus x2)

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Just to add in the event of misconception- poems/songs are not to scale, hence they do not have to reflect reality unless that member makes clear that it does...:)

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Totally addicted to A** - dedicated to you all know who!!! LOL


Totally addicted to A**

It's all about the class,

D'you think I'd get a pass?

Please do not harrass,


'Cuz he's totally addicted to A**,

He likes it with a lot of mass,

You know you crave the hourglass,

But you mustn't tresspass,


'Cuz your totally addicted to A**

You want it all amass,

This is not suppose to be a sass,

Everytime you see an Azz,

I doubt you'll bypass,


'Cuz this mans totally addicted to A**

You've got spyglass,

You listen to bluegrass,

You never wear sunglass,

You know I'm such a lass,


'Cuz baby you're totally addicted to A**!!!

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