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Site explaining dietry requirement information based on age, weight, h

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Site explaining dietry requirement information based on age, weight, height and gender


I'm in need of important "dietry requirement" information for 3 of my ailing family members


1) The first is a 13 year old female (hard working student) who is close to annorexia (weight - 79lbs/35kg; height 150cm) . Her mother has asked me to search the internet to find out which vitamins, and minerals she needs (and how much of each), specfically which foods to help maintain a skinny physique - which the little 13 year old adores so much - as they live in California - and you know how it is there. Also, I need to find the number of calories she needs per day to maintain a healthy mind and body.


So, I would be thankful if anyone here could post a few links online that show dietry information based on age, height, weight and gender. I had a tough time finding a user-friendly page displaying that information.


With that, I can also find the dietry requirements for the other 2 members of my family.



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