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buying digital camera from refurb website?

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buying digital camera from refurb website?


I'm buying a digital camera online. I'm looking for the best bang for the buck. Right now, I'm looking at a cool site called epinions dot com


On this site, I search for price range, model, and compare cameras and find the best prices online (with shipping included) and have them delivered to my door.


My best search brought up a Canon Powershot A520 on a site called Refurbdepot dot com (forwarded site from epinions dot com) for only 100USD - that's for a new camera


link to camera here



My question is this:

Is buying a a refurbished/remanufactured digital camera from the web a good idea if the price is considerably cheaper than in-store or other online deals?


If you don't know about refurbs you can learn about them on the site. I'd like to know people's experiences in buying refurbed digital cameras online


I mean the Canon Powershot A52 is supposed to be the best value vs. price at around only 100USD. How can I not buy it?


note: I used epinions dot com, is there another site (similar in focus and reach) that'll help me track down the best online deals?



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