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About Gary Oldman







The only other actor since Lon Chaney Sr. to be named "Man of a Thousand Faces" owing to his ability to become whatever character he plays. The nickname "Crazy Gary Oldman" is believed to have originated in a 2004 parody of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on the Livejournal site Movies in 15 Minutes, where Oldman's character Sirius Black is on a wanted poster, screaming: "I'M SO CRAZY! LOOK AT ME! I'M CRAZY GARY OLDMAN!". I love his character and his faces in each of his movies.





I prefer to call him like his fans :"The Lord of the Accents" and "The Chameleon". :)


My favorite movies by him are:


Criminal Law (1988)


JFK (1991)


Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)


Murder in the First (1995)


Air Force One (1997)


Lost in Space (1998)


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)


Léon (1994)


The Fifth Element (1997)



Oldman appears in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with Ralph Fiennes. Both of them have played villains in Hannibal Lecter films. Oldman played Mason Verger in Hannibal, and Fiennes played Francis Dolarhyde in Red Dragon.



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Gary Oldman is one of my top 5 fav actors of all time! :wub: His performance in 'Leon' is his sexiest performance to date! oh lord forgive me! :bl

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Screen legend ELIZABETH TAYLOR is set to tie the knot for the ninth time with a man 17 years her junior, according to media reports.


The 74-year-old reportedly told her actress friend DEBBIE REYNOLDS she was thinking about marriage again after falling for portrait artist FIROOZ ZAHEDI.

He has recently helped her through a string of health problems including congestive heart failure and crippling arthritis.




A pal tells British newspaper The Sunday Express, "She has known some terribly dark days over the last few years. But it's amazing how she's bounced back.


"She has rebounded straight into the arms of a man - and it's wonderful to see them together. Liz lives to be loved. For some stars, it's work, family, even shopping. But for Liz, romance has always been the driving force." Taylor's spokesman in Los Angeles confirms her friendship with Zahedi, but says, "I couldn't possibly comment on personal relationships." The actress' previous husbands include RICHARD BURTON and truck driver LARRY FORTENSKY.

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Stanley Tucci

One of the most underated actors of our time,


He first caught my attention in the part of 'Puck' in 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' and is more recently in 'The Devil Wears Prada' which he is also wonderful in. His other films include 'Road to Perdition', 'The Terminal' and 'Winchall' for which he won a Golden Globe, he also directed 'Big Night' and portrayed Stanley Kubrick in 'The life and Death of Peter Sellers'.

If you see this guys name in the credits, know that your watching a truly worthy performance!

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The first time I saw him it was in the excellent MURDER ONE season 1 where he played his best role yet!

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Stanley Tucci

One of the most underated actors of our time,


Good actor with nice drama movies in his some movies ! I prefer to see him as a bad guy !! he also has a experience as a director.. pls watch Big Night !

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What's New, Pussycat (1965)






Is a 1965 film directed by Clive Donner and starring Peter Sellers and Peter O'Toole.


This was Woody Allen's film debut, as well as his first produced script.American film critics condemned the film as decadent and immoral.






Michael joins Victor at a pavement cafe where he is playing chess with a girl. He is followed by Toulouse Lautrec who sits at another table with Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin.


Later in the same scene:



Michael: "Did you get a job?"


Victor: "Yes, I got something at the strip-tease, I help the girls dress and undress"


Michael: "Nice job"


Victor: "Twenty Francs a week"


Michael: "Not very much"


Victor: "It's all I could afford"


A typical Woody Allen one-liner: at one point, when under extreme pressure to marry, Michael says "Marriage? That's for life! It's like cement!"


Peter O'Toole bumps into Richard Burton in a strip club; Burton says: "Excuse me, but don't you know me from somewhere?" O'Toole answers, "The name's familiar, but I just can't place the face..."





Hahahahahaha :)))


Peter Sellers turns in a performance that opens at high do and never looks back as a lunatic psychiatrist. He is treating Peter O’Toole, a man who wants to be faithful to his girlfriend (Romy Schneider) but cannot say no to the innumerable women who throw themselves at him. Into the mix comes Woody Allen, who, unsurprisingly, plays a sexual loser.:D




But the humour is pretty hoary now, the slapstick very much the sort of 60's wackiness that wasn’t that funny in the first place. Everyone involved has done much better work, and Sellers’ psychiatrist is far from being his best creation. He comes across as Sellers doing a Woody Allen impression, and with Allen in the film too, that’s redundant.I recomend this movie to all of you guys. :)

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Cert: 18

Released: 2002

Cast :Maggie Gyllenhaal, James Spader, Jeremy Davies, Lesley Ann Warren.

Director: Steven Shainberg


A sleeper hit, cult classic,




Dont let the saucy tagline 'Assume the Position' fool you, the Secretary is actually a romantic comedy in the guise of a S&M movie which is what drove the 'hollywood' crowd away and indie fans in!

This is similar to Almodover movies in that once you get past the sex, its a beautiful and simple love story. Spader is in the prime of his comfort zone role turning you on with every little uncomfortable move, but Maggie Gyllenhall makes this movie about her, she rocked the cinema world with this subtle and yet powerful performance, you wont be able to get her out of your mind after you watch her in this!

This film is not for the prudish (has masterbation and softcore S&M scenes) but if you are willing to open your mind, you will not be disappointed!


My rating: 9.5/10

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V for Vendetta (2005)







His director, James McTeigue, also make debut in the direction after to have been assistant of direction in these three films. The result of the adaptation of the graphical novel of the same cojea title exactly of the same foot that last the two deliveries of the Wachowsky factory: incredible dialogues, an almost disastrous rate and too much well paid pseudo-philosophical information and of itself. "V of Vendetta" is impressive visually, and surely it will say of her that it has a novel and deep idea. Nevertheless, all the unfolding pyrotechnics that McTeigue uses in its film, dismounts due to a tragic lack of narrative sense, that it turns films in little more than "story-board" filmed.


Obvious, this film has not been done before, and its more basic originality will be what their producers use to sell the product. But this causes several doubts. On the one hand, although never these subjects have been put and these together images, indeed this way, the film probably will age soon and badly, without greater pain nor glory. On the other hand, the newness does not justify in itself a film, and less if there are no other elements that sustain it, like interesting personages who are not mere masks, a spun history or, trasfondo thematic dangerous or the mere diversion; all this "V of Vendetta" lacks. It happens that, after the initial exposition of the film, of first promissory minutes in which the theoretical bases are based of it films, the script happens ininteligible and banal.


My Rate Is: 7.60/10

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Tie me up! Tie me down! (¡Átame!)


Certificate: 18

Cast: Antonio Banderas, Victoria Abril, Francisco Rabal

Directors: Pedro Almodovar

Original language: Spanish




Almodover is one of my favorite directors of all time and this film of his is one of my favs, starring a young Antonio Banderas (showing hes more than a pretty face).


PLOT: Just released from a psychiatric hospital, Ricky (Antonio Banderas) determines to track down his favourite porn star and one-time lover Marina (Victoria Abril) , with the ultimate aim of matrimony. Marina is not convinced, so Ricky imprisons her in a bid to convince her of his affections.


This is such a sweet and yet unconventional romantic movie, and although the concept of the story is basically kidnapping (one critic described it as "almost a fairytale for stalkers") you cant help but will her to fall in love with him (the five minute sex scene also helps!) And watch out for Lola (Lolas León) who steals the show wonderfully with her performance as Marinas sister.


But this is a very simplistic and fresh look at the romantic comedy genre, and thoroughly enjoyable, of course a young and very handsome Banderas is also efffective!


My rating: 8/10

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Final Destination III







The people in charge of "Final Destiny" James Wong (director and scriptwriter) and Glen Morgan (scriptwriter) did not want to return to the saga, after staying to the margin in the second delivery, unless outside to offer something new. Then, it seems that they had to change of opinion because we have the same film with which they delighted to us six years ago but with an inferior quality. The problem of trilogies is to offer something original twice more. "Final Destiny 3" does not surprise the spectator absolutely, in no aspect and it is immersed in an inevitable argumental fatigue becoming a simple excuse to everywhere show to mutilated bodies and splashes of vísceras.


Terrible dialogues, foreseeable, twentyish deaths near the some thirty interpreting to adolescents stereotyped to the limit: pijas unbearable, captains of the football team... all this is what third delivery guarantees this. The deaths are the product of the outbreak of a barbarism of actions (some as absurd as: to bar the door with a cream tube, the shelf that blocks the suntan oils...) getting to be very artificial and little realistic. In spite of all the film it has a shining scene, one is the initial sequence in the hunting that although remembers very many to the boarding in flight 180 is novel and surprising. The rest of the metraje this plagued of situations traced to those of the first delivery becoming leaves.


Already exhausted the resource of the spectacularity operated in "Final Destiny 2", the attempt to surpass the death scenes (some obtain it) is not enough to construct a good script. It was possible to have been chosen to accompany being impregnated them all history by a suspense atmosphere and intrigues By the way, that nobody is deceived and waited for a spectacular closing that it gives a sense to the three films, because will not find it, is no conclusion and surely more sequels will come. The lady of the scythe resists to retiring but no longer she is what was.


My Rate Is:6.50/10

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Half light 2006







It begins relatively well, but it finishes very badly. Although history sounds well-known from the first ten minutes, the photography of Ashley Rowe and the correction with which Craig Rosenberg block the technical elements, they made wait for a little more. Nevertheless, the spectator already realizes in first half an hour of which he must not have sent the bells to the flight. The film begins taking care of many cliches of the classic sort of ghosts, but the hope stays during a good section that there will be innovations.



The cinema has its rules beyond the theological ones; that a film treats on the mysterious thing, on further on and the other little nutritional questions, would not have to mean that their people in charge do not try to give something of coherence to the material whereupon they work.


My rate Is:6.90/10

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Freedomland 2006






Freedomland it is a peculiar title, considering that the criminal plot of the film has to do with racism. But this question is little important considering that films will not happen to the history of the cinema, in spite of its good intentions, by its absolute incapacity to entertain. Directed by Joe Roth and written by Richard Price, being based on an own novel, "the color del crime" is confused, it is able to create tension neither with the subject of the racist confrontations nor with its plot of thriller, and it emphasizes solely to obtain that two good actors as Julianne Moore and Samuel L. Jackson seem inexperienced in their work. This movie contains many common places, robbed of other films, but the mistake with which they have been united is one of the most spectacular things of films.


Surely that is not its will, but "the color of the crime" takes desperate laughter whenever the plot complica a little more, and makes very uncomfortable spend in the cinema almost the two hours that the sinsentido one lasts.


My rate Is:7.40/10

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Man about town 2006







The film, that is entertained and is enough awhile for pleasant and without pretensions, frustrates a little, indeed because it could have gotten to be brilliant. In ''Man about town " we see a very intelligent film, but their creators do not manage to show it to us; since it remains halfway in his intentions and he serves basically like vehicle of lucimiento to Horseradish tree Affleck.


Affleck seems to interpret itself to itself and it does not consolidate its personage nor it is able to load with the important weight that it has on its backs. He is surprising that, although as much the actor as the director works thorough the intimate aspects of the protagonist, through memories and traumas, the central line of the plot and its present motivations are not developed with clarity.


In the positive side, they are the beautiful ones you imagine of the Angels who Binder provides to us, thanks to a magnificent intuition to locate the camera, to the photography of Russ Alsobrook and the design of production.



My Rate Is:7.20/10

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The Omen 2006







The history of a boy who is the son of the demon would have to give fear, without concerning the era of descreimiento and rationalization in which we lived. Nevertheless, the director John Moore takes a series from unfortunate decisions that return such stupid and laughable notion. That the parents of Damián wonder themselves what it happens with the boy, and if it needs pedagogo urgency, when all the one that approaches the creature dies dramatically, is already extraordinary. The spectator takes too much advantage to them during all the film like for giving in serious, specially because it is obvious that the boy is a demon, although is boring and singsong in his pallor and the fixation of a glance that, supposedly, transmits badness.



My Rate Is :6.00/10

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About Telly Savalas






Do you remember him ? i do. ! ''Kojak'' ... in Tv Melli with the voice of A Boutimar.he was between bad luck HW actors but a lot of ppl still remember him and love him.





A dynamic actor, producer and individual, Telly Savalas is best remembered for his role as the tough-talking New York City detective Theodore Kojak. A product of New York himself, Telly dabbled with numerous professions before locking in on acting. Off screen he enjoyed a full personal life as well, complete with love and adventure. Telly participated a variety of sports, married three times and fathered six children, who were his greatest joys in life.




My favorite movie by him are :


Birdmen of Alcatraz


Genghis Khan


The Dirty Dozen


Operation Dirty Dozen


Sol Madrid


Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell


A Town Called Hell


Pancho Villa


La Casa dell'esorcismo


Escape to Athena





Quotes by Telly:


"Who loves ya, baby?"


"We're all born bald, baby."




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The new world 2006







Malick demonstrates to have less interest in history as study subjet that in the poetry and subtility that hide behind the great events: it does not let appeal to the reason, but it does through portentosas images photographed by Emmanuel Lubezki and a fine script in which more questions consider than answers are offered. Malick demonstrates a supreme sensitivity at the time of recreating to Pocahontas, one of the first settlers of the "new world" who would undergo the found energy, creator and destroyer simultaneously, of the English travellers.


The romance between Smith and Pocahontas almost treats the director and scriptwriter like a myth, developing it in another level of reality, doing it etéreo; Malick uses history of love only to contrast and to do more intimate horrors than, for at least 400 years (moment in which history is located), they come committing itself in name from the civilization. Some spectators distinguish between the films that must be seen in great screen and those that can wait for the DVD; With "the new world" he does not have to let itself pass the opportunity to visionar it in a cinema, because their spectacular photography and sound will snatch any spectator to make it hostage of one not less formidable épica history.


Collin Farell is in the beginning a strange election for the film, but Malick is able to mold its excesses to remove the best thing from him. Q"Orianka Kilcher is, on the other hand, a wonderful finding.


My Rate Is:7.00/10

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After 8 mounths,finally is here... LOST SEASON II.






Thx to Mr Pourya because HE recomended it, to me :) .

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Scary movie 4 2006






They say that second parts never were good, although we would have to clarify if we talked about to the artistic quality of a film or the economic answer that this one causes. Surely the financial route of "Scary movie 4" will be good, although their qualities do not emphasize beyond their predecessors.


Many references ago to the contemporary world-wide situation and the renter of the White House from 1998. We will not keep awake the jokes, but there are some true jewels hidden in the fourth delivery of a saga who will make us shout, or to laugh, during long time. the visual level of films improvement. What it has happened with this series is similar to which happened with "Austin Powers": after an untidy beginning, that laid the the foundations of the saga, their creators recreated in the technical aspects, adding visual and rythmical quality to a quite correct paródico product.


My Rate Is:6.00/10

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X-Men: The last stand 2006







The mutants are fashionable in the cinemas, although not in the fiction that to us director Brett Ratner raises: the form has been discovered to modify the gene X, that turns some people mutants, which cause certain tensions in this community and leads the world to the last battle of the title. Ratner, after the long negotiations of the producers in search of a new director after the march of Singer (responsible for "X-men" and "x2") has not made badly a work. Its visual style is either different from the acierated coldness and the meticulous rate of Singer, but it raises or one more a complex history that the previous ones without breaking of drastic form with its predecesoras.


The film forces to know the two previous deliveries, and his majority public will be the one that has followed with pleasing the development of the series. There is nothing no new in the base of "X-men 3", but it is an pleasant surprise to return to count on all the new original actors and secondary very interesting. Ratner gives us more of the same, but with new features, deepening in the dilemma of the difference and the normalization. "X-men: the final decision "goes deep in the spirit of cómic and has truely terrible moments when the science-fiction opens the way to history, and at the many moments at which this one invented narration contacts with the political reality present. "X-men 3" asks to us how allowed is to modify some individuals that do not fit within the social standards. "X-men 3" is fiction, but the form in which develops these questions locates more near a serious analysis that many dramas had with seriousness.


Although it is an entertainment, the saga of "men X" continues being of the best thing than it gives the sort.



My Rate Is:7.70/10

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Ultravioleta 2006







When Sidney Lumet undertook to do remake of "Gloria", of John Cassavetes, locating to Sharon Stone where before it was Gena Rowlands, it was spoken of unnecessary adaptations and resounding but avoidable failures. To compare "Ultraviolet" with the brilliant film of Cassavettess, now, can terribly be unjust for first, although they agree in the subject: a woman trained for the action protects a small boy of killers. Nevertheless, if we reduced the aspirations of "Ultraviolet" considering it another mere crossing between videojuegos and cinema, the film would continue being cruel bad.


The paper of Rowlands inherits the gorgeous Jovovich Mile now, like a species of mutant vampire: one hemofaga, hungry of intelligent, athletic and super blood, fast. Soon the tributes to the present cinema begin, like "Kill Bill" and "The Matrix", but the talent of Kurt Wimmer in the direction and the writing of the script is left sadly in comparison with those of Tarantino and the Wachowski timid. "Ultraviolet" it does not reach the visual brilliance of Tarantino and its hypercreative eclecticism; although the images of "Ultraviolet" are more near the work of the Wachowski brothers, although the problem of the comparison is in which the clarity with which the future universe is explained in "The Matrix" is not seen by any side in "Ultraviolet".


Wimmer is sent to invent a civil war between species, without putting the foundations for its history. Probably only the adolescents will want to return to see this film and will be when she leaves in DVD.


My Rate Is:6.30/10

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Truman Capote 2006







Directed by Bennett Miller and written by They give Futterman, its history is, like the life and the obsession of the Truman writer Cape to create the best American novel with "A bleeds fries", exciting, full of shades and strong resistances, intimate and public and overflowed. Philip Seymour Hoffman finally obtains like protagonist the recognition that had deserved like secondary previously memorable in "Boggie nights", "the great Lewobsky", "Magnolia", "Nobody is perfect", "Then she" and among other many arrived "Almost famous". Seymour debora Hoffman each scene in which it appears, becoming the hipnótico center of everything what it happens around to his, and elevating to the category of masterpiece an excellently spun deep film and. The interpreter is excessive, but not more than the writer to whom she incarnates, and is able to bear the pomposity of that seeming real and vulnerable at any moment.


Catherine Keener ("How to be John Malkovich"), who gives the retort to Hoffman like Nelle Harper Lee, is equally magnificent in the paper of her sensible colleague. This one is the first film of Miller; it surprises the firmness with which it directs history, the clarity of his objectives and the calm rate but surely that it prints to the film. It does not have in "not at all unnecessary Cape", everything is ilustrativo and produces a stimulating sensation of probability finely related to the spectacular sense of the cinema.


The script of Futterman approaches to us in addition the most intimate paradoxes to the United States, through one balanced double attention to the writer and to its difficult relation with the protagonists of its novel, both assassins who gave life to the first not-fiction novel of Literature. "Cape" begins well and finishes still better, cinematographically speaking. It does not leave impassible emotionally, it forces the reflection and it enriches our knowledge of a key figure of century XX.


My Rate Is:9.00/10

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The hills have eyes 2006






All the stomachs will not be prepared for the slaughter that cooks after a slow and topical beginning: at the end of the exercise great part of the public will feel dirty and with bad body, even the fanatics of the sort, because the visual tears do not come supported by a powerful history. We did not talk about here to that the personages avoid to fall in the plots that the inexorable destiny of the sort of terror prepares to them, if they did not behave of absurd way, took the short cut which they do not have to take, or knew that their moving bodies are going to let work when plus they need them, would not be such films. However, the director must put of his part; he cannot let to the public completely the work pass through high all the cliches that are prepared to him, by good will that the hearing has.


Something of imagination on the part of Aja would come well, a minimum attempt to avoid the common places although it is by the hairs. This does not happen and the film is not able to entertain, to only cause sudden anguish and some scares without greater enjundia.


My rate is :6.00/10

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Mission Imposible III







One of the most negative examples of how a series can be betrayed to itself, negatively, we have it in the hexalogía "Star Wars", and in the sensation of neglect that new the episodes of the saga caused in their older followers. A positive example we have in the series "Harry Potter", who until the moment has grown with the contributions of each new producer. "Mission: Impossible "it falls, unfortunately, of the side of" Star Wars ". It seems to be that it was the own Tom Cruise, protagonist and producer of the saga, the one that decided that each one the films of "Mission: Impossible "it must have a different producer. Thus, the visual sobriety and maintained tension that Brian DePalma gave the first part, it followed the choreographic and colorful waste of John Woo. Although this type of product lives to create a faithful number of followers, "Mission: Impossible: III"it can give a good scare to many of these.


The third film cannot be more unfaithful to the spirit of the original series of television nor to the first film version that of her became. J.J. Abrams, producer specialized until now in television, adds a personal touch to the visual image of "Mission: Impossible ", but it is not able to repeat the worse defects in than the saga began to sink already in the second film. The script does impossible to decipher the history that hides between the sequences. In summary, it gives just like the excellent Seymur Hoffman tries to be a bad one of anthology, that Cruise tries to humanize a protagonist more and more cliche, and that the action scenes give returns on themselves with more and more huge explosions and improbable feats until the estulticia.


My Rate Is:7.10/10

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