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Turk jokes

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hehe mina kusiner från Iran skickar skämt till mig, det är roligt att vara här :friends:


See Siamak...they were new 2 freeiran and i don't mean 2 offend anyone by these jokes....sorry if i have :punishing_wft:


eh... tif tif tif ... in khanum ham mes-e shuma sued mishineh vaseh hamin tarafeto dareh :))) .



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Guest DYAKO-kurd

once i was caught at college and i was punished for making jokes about arabs


because we kurdz make a lot of jokes about arabs...just like the persians making jokes about turks


so from now on...i learn my lesson...i wont make any racist jokes


because i was about to get kicked out of ma college for making some jokes about arabs with my friends and my tacher was beside and heard it...dats why i was punished

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