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Footbal players wives/GFs

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lol @ daei ....


she is so milking him for his cash ....fully looks it

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LOL, I just happened to check who's online and once again I was amazed by how almost all our visitors at the time were checking this particular thread :)) :)) :))

This shows how sex sells and works in our everyday life! :diablo:


Here are the snapshots:







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John Terry (England's Captain) recent affair scandal with his best friend and teammate (Wayne Bridge) wife "Vanessa Perroncel" has been on top breaking news of all sports papers, below are some pictures of Vanessa Perroncel, a former model and ex GF of Wayne Bridge:






Wayne Bridge and Vanessa before their split:





What a bastard John Terry is! sleeping with your best friend's EX, especially only 4 months into their split? Fcuking bastard!


Below is an interesting story of their bitter scandal:


Vanessa Perroncel's story: John Terry offered shoulder to cry on in her split with Wayne Bridge

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EXCLUSIVE by Kate Mansey 7/02/2010


vanessa-perroncel-pic-getty-images-454026256.jpg For thelast eight days, the delicately beautiful features of Vanessa Perroncelhave stared out from the front pages on every newsstand across the land.




Overnight she has become a household name, the woman at the swirling, dizzying centre of the John Terry sex scandal.




Now,for the first time, her story can be told – by two women who have beenat her side constantly since the extraordinary story broke of heraffair with sacked ­England captain Terry.




Vanessa’sfriends Antonia Graham, 29, and Nadean Moses, 32, reveal today how thefour-month fling began as Terry played cupid to her and boyfriend WayneBridge, Terry’s best pal and England teammate.




Wecan reveal Terry phoned Vanessa, 33, last July as she and Wayne weresplitting – and pledged his help to get them reunited, insisting theywere a “great couple”.




“Johnwas playing the caring friend,” says Antonia. “He called Vanessa up.Vanessa told me, ‘John is being the peacemaker. He said Wayne and I aregreat together’.”




Antoniaadded: “Vanessa was sad and lonely, she loved Wayne and still does. Shethought Wayne was the one and she never thought they would ever split.




“Johnsaid he wanted to help – and she took him on his word because he wasWayne’s best friend. It cheered her up because she was alone. Shethought John wanted to get them back together.”




Vanessaand Wayne, who have a three-year-old son Jaydon, lived in a suite inthe five-star Lowry Hotel in Salford for six months after Wayne’s­£10million transfer to Manchester City from Chelsea in ­January lastyear.




ByJuly, after six months of trying to find a suitable home in theNorth-West and with their relationship beginning to crack, ­Vanessareturned to Oxshott, Surrey, where Terry and his long-suffering wifeToni, 28, are her near-neighbours.




Then,we can reveal, just a fortnight later, Chelsea ­skipper Terry made thefirst of his clandestine trips to Vanessa’s home to offer his “comfortand support” as Vanessa struggled with the break-up.




Andit wasn’t long before Terry had ­seduced lonely Vanessa and began a­passionate four-month relationship with the woman who until sorecently had been his best friend’s partner.




“Hewould pop round a couple of times a week, offering a shoulder to cryon,” says Nadean, who has know Vanessa for eight years. “He broughtDVDs for her son.”




Cynics would suggest the “good neighbour” was keen for little Jaydon to be as occupied as possible during his regular visits.




To go undetected he would text Vanessa before he arrived so she could open the security gates in front of her and Wayne’s home.




Then, he would glide up the drive in his Bentley or Range Rover, each with blacked out windows, and carefully park out of sight.




Andhere, with photos of his best friend staring down from the wall, Terryand Vanessa would talk for hours over tea in the ­kitchen — beforetheir relationship moved into the bedroom.




Carefulto shield her son from the affair, she and Terry were ever cautious ofnot being seen outside the house together, with no goodbye kisses onthe doorstep.




Nadean and Antonia are adamant that the femme fatale image of Vanessa in some quarters could not further from the truth.




Theysay she has lost half a stone, unable to eat or sleep since news of theaffair broke when Terry’s heavy-handed lawyers went to court to try andkeep it quiet but ended up alerting the media to it.




All the problems date back to that transfer, says Antonia. “Footballers are away a lot of the time and she felt a bit isolated.




"Soonthe distance came between them while she was back home and he was awayand there were lots of reasons why their relationship ended. Vanessaput her whole life into that relationship with Wayne. She wasdevastated when they split.”




AroundSeptember the secret lovers knew the relationship was getting more andmore intense. Then Vanessa was ­devastated to learn she was pregnantwith father-of-two Terry’s child in October.




Antonia said: “Vanessa is a very good mother and she would only want to havea baby with someone who she was serious about. She didn’t want a childto be brought up with two separate parents as she was.”




Vanessa knew she was getting further and further from a reunion with Wayne and was deeply regretting their split.




Antonia says: “She realised how much she was missing Wayne – she was alone with Jaydon in her house on Christmas Day.”




Terry,of course, was playing happy families with Toni, his sweetheart sincethey were teenagers, and their twins ­Georgie John and Summer Rose.




“Vanessa told me she would rather stay single forever if she couldn’t have Wayne back,” says Antonia.




By this time her fling with Terry was over but the damage was done.




Rumours were circulating in the dressing rooms of English football.




Wayne confronted Terry about them, only for Terry – sacked as England captain on Friday – to lie that nothing was going on.




Terry’sadvisors visited her to ask her to sign a confidentiality form sayingshe would not speak about any private matters between the pair of them.




Antoniasaid: “Vanessa was in a playground with her little boy when they metwith her. She looked at the form and signed it ­because she would neverdo a story about John’s personal life. She was ­absolutely gutted bythe stories about her.”




Next,in a dramatic showdown, Toni, who has now fled to Dubai to get awayfrom the scandal, called Vanessa on her mobile, demanding to know whathad been going on.




Nadeansaid: “Toni called her before she flew off to Dubai and talked to her.Apparently it was quite calm. They’re both adult and Toni is lovely soit was very civil.”




There is of course no chance now that Vanessa will ever again be on speaking terms with Toni.




As news of the scandal broke, friends advised her to turn to PR Max Clifford for advice.




Nadean says: “When Vanessa first met Wayne she found that he and John Terry were almost inseparable.”




Thebest friends introduced their partners to each other and they spentdays away at a theme park together with Jaydon and Terry’s twins.




Antoniasays: “Toni and Vanessa got ­together because John and Wayne were suchgood friends and they both had ­children the same age so it made sensethat on occasion the two couples got ­together, although they werenever ­extremely close.”




Sheadds: “Now it’s all been ruined. ­Vanessa only cares about Wayne andher son. She was really sad when John lost the captaincy. She knows heis an excellent footballer and he loves his career. Vanessa told me shehopes he gets back ­together with Toni because of the children andbecause they’ve been ­together forever.”




Nadeaninsists: “Vanessa is in pieces about this. She is not your typical WAG– she hates that phrase – and she didn’t want to hurt anyone, shedidn’t want to let ­anyone down. I think she’s slept about four hoursin the last week, I’ve been round or on the phone all through the nightworried about what she might do.”




Antoniasaid: “When I met Vanessa she was bright, looking forward to marryingWayne and creating a stable life for her little boy. She was in mostnights and didn’t like the nightlife much. She didn’t have a nanny andinsisted on being with






“Shespeaks to him in French and it’s just adorable to see how much shedotes on him. She is so protective she would only trust a few people tolook after him.




“Onething that really struck me about Vanessa was that she loved shopping –she is the Queen of shoes and lip gloss – but she is very consciousabout what things cost.




"Sheliked hanging out with the other WAGS but that was more because theirboyfriends and husbands were mates more than anything else.”




Nadean,who worked with Vanessa at celebrity hangout Elysium nightclub in 2002,said: “Vanessa and I got to know VIPs working at the nightclub. Wechatted to them but she was never out to bag a rich man.




"Atthat time we were friends with John Terry and we would go out afterwork with him and Wayne long before they got together. It seemed veryinnocent. Then when Vanessa started ­dating Wayne she became friendlywith ­Cheryl Cole and Carly Zucker.”




Antoniasays: “She was friendly with Toni, but they weren’t particularly close– they got on because their partners were mates and that was really it.They had their own lives and they are pretty different characters.




"WhenVanessa got pregnant with Wayne she was over the moon. It was perfect.They were so excited about having a little boy and called him JaydonJean-Claude Bridge – his middle name is after her father whounfortunately took his own life when she was 22.




“Vanessahas always told us how she came from a broken home and didn’t want thatfor her children, which was why she was all the more devastated whenthings broke up with Wayne. She never really saw the split aspermanent.”




Vanessa, who was born in Bandol in South East France, moved to Paris when her parents split aged six.




She spent her childhood years shuttling between her mother and father, spending half a year with each parent.




Whenher father died she moved to London to pursue a career in modelling,her beauty and Gallic charm winning her jobs on a James Bond set andlingerie shoots.




Keento make something of herself and stand on her own two feet, Vanessaspent her weeks on modelling shoots and weekends earning money atElysium.




Nadeansays: “I remember this one night Wayne had broken his leg but he was sokeen to see Vanessa he came in to the club to meet her on his crutches.It was so sweet but you could tell he’d fallen for her.”




Their romance quickly blossomed and within six months – in February 2006 – Vanessa fell pregnant.




Antonia,who shares a personal training session with Vanessa three times a weeksaid her friend was now considering ­quitting England for good,possibly moving back to her native France.




She said: “Vanessa doesn’t know what she’s going to do now.




“One thing is for sure – she won’t be going to South Africa for the World Cup and she’ll be cheering for France.”


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Alright now the 2010 edition of the lovely GFs/wives starts! :D


John Terry's wife, Toni Poole:









Steven Gerard's wife, Alex Curran:









Frank Lampard's GF, Christine Bleakley watching him lose against Germany in a humiliating fashion:







Emile Heskey's finacee Chantelle Tagoe:




Iker Casillas and his wife Eva Gonzales (Miss Spain):




Rafael Van der Vaart and his wife Sylvie:






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Iker Casillas and his wife Eva Gonzales (Miss Spain) <--- they are not together anymore !


he is with Sara Carbonero,the most beautiful sport reporter.




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hahahaha... 90% ia ya joda shodan ya talagh gereftan :)) .

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