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Is the concept of 'Qi' incorperated in Iranian theology?

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I've been noticing this for years in my family, that we talk about another persons 'energy' even in small things like the 'evil eye' or when u rub some ones shoulders u instinctivly tap your fingers on the ground or wash your hands with flowing water... Its very similar ideology as in Taoism with the concept of Qi (pronounced Chi)


It could just be my family as my two da'is are masters in Kung Fu To'a (Form of Martial Arts derived from Shao Lin, developed and introduced into Iran by Grand Master Ibrahim Mirzaii... so its a Persian form of martial arts)... and my elder Da'i is a spiritualist & healer (i.e. Accupuncture etc) some where in Thailand lol. but ive seen other Iranians do it so maybe its some thing in our culture...


Can anyone tell me if there is Persian theology behind it? or how it was introduced to our culture


wiki article related to the concept of Qi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qi

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hmmmm.. interesting...

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