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Chauvinism of any kind, its racial and nationalistic manifestations in particular, has no place in this forum whatsoever! Iran is a colourful multiethnic body with a vibrant multicultural/-religious soul! And in our forum we respect each and every one of them, equally! We have had armies and individuals from our country’s many ethnic minorities who despite manifesting a pride in their ethnic identity and integrity, fought for the survival of our motherland and prevailed by paying with blood and tears! Along with their brothers in nation, as different and diverse organs of a single uniting body! Therefore I would like to urge everyone active in this forum to keep that in mind so that any possible tendency or attempt to single-minded chauvinism, even its disguised form in decent words or as a counter attack against anti-Iranian chauvinism, can be prevented! Discuss and debate constructively but refrain from destructive generalisations and deviations!


There is a fine line between nationalism and chauvinism, lets not cross it!

Thank you!

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