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tyrant faZz

We Are the Best Fans In the World, Lets Prove It!

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>> http://www.fansworldcup2006.com/?p=home <<


Hi, everyone :)


How's it going?




For those that dont know; This is an international contest to see which country has the best fans in FIFA World Cup 2006.


The way is works is that you sign up your E-Mail (Multiple E-Mails, if you want) and you can score a goal for your team, every hour.


Your country has a "Goals scored" and a "Goals against" count. The country that has the highest differance (the most goals scored and the least goals conceided) wins.


We are the best fans in the world, but we have a lot of enemies!


The early days, during this game we were way ahead and we have the most goals scored, but this game is about the goal differance... Who ever has the most goals scored and least goals scored against them wins.


We are currently 29th. Even though we've scored the most goals, we have a lot of enemies who continue to score against us, even when we are at the bottom.


It's extra hard for us, so we need everyone's help to prove to the world that we are the best!


Tunisia is currently at 1st, no one is sccoring against them... Instead, they are making sure that we dont get back up.


You can score every hour. I'm actually scoring with multiple E-Mail addresses.


Guys, if you can sign up with one E-Mail and score once a day, that's still a huge help... So get gowing and prove that we are the best.


Many people of us IRANis were voting at first, but forget to vote. I sugest you have the link saved in your toolbar (If you're using Firefox) so you'd get reminded everytime you're on the internet!



Thanks, guys and girls. GET VOTING!


and you can get multiple accounts, so if you can please do!


We are the best fans in the world.


Long live IRAN and TM!

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ajab hoselei dare in yeki :D .

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Guest Kevin

ajab hoselei dare in yeki :D .



I personally voited for more than 4 times. ;)

go and see what your brother has done ;)

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