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Mamas Jokes

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ok lets see if we can write "your mamas joke" but in farsi. ir you like change the words around, but dont write the English first, its just much funnier reading it in farsi


for example

Your mamas so stupid, i saw her walking down the street talking in a envelope. i asked her what are you doing she said she is sending a voice male.


ok now in farsi

Madarat inghadar Dahatia, deedam dasht ra meeraft tooye khieaboon tooye yek pakat name harf meezad, goftam dary chekar meekony goft daram voice mail meefrestam.

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could someone translate this

yo mamma is so short, they call her hip hop

yo mamma sooo stupid, she thought a Quaterback was a refund


(quaterback is an American football position)

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