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Disc 1

1.Lay All Your Love On Me (Radio Edit)

2.Je T'Adore (Radio Edit)

3.On The Radio (Radio Edit)

4.A Neverending Dream (Radio Mix)

5.Insane (Special TV Vocal Edit)

6.Self Esteem (Vocal Radio)

7.Rush (Megara vs. DJ Lee Remix Edit)

8.On My Way (Rocco vs. Bass-T Cut)

9.Take My Hand

10.Land Of Fantasy (Single Edit)

11.Pure Energy (Original Radio Edit)

12.Don't Break My Heart (MYC Radio Mix)

13.Besoin De Toi (Single Edit)

14.Love Behind (Manox Remix Edit)

15.Insanity (Original Radio Mix)

16.World Collide (Radio Mix)

17.Das Boot (Vocal Radio Mix)

18.Control (Trance Mix Edit)

19.Vogue (Short Mix)

20.Living On Video (Original Radio Mix)





Disc 2

1.Catch (Radio / Video)

2.Fire (Radio Edit)

3.Shadowsong (Volition Spellforce Mix Edit)

4.Walk Down

5.Summer Rain (136 BPM Mix Cut)

6.The Loves We Lost (Radio Edit)

7.Dreams (Radio Edit)

8.1000 Years (Just Leave Me Now)(Full Vocal Radio Edit)

9.I Need You (Radio Mix)

10.Alone Tonight (Kyau vs. Albert Remix Edit)

11.Have It All

12.City Lights (Tatana Remix Edit)

13.By Your Side (Night Music Edit)

14.Heavenly (Edit)

15.Out There (5th Dimension)(Edit)

16.Alone (Kasuma Edit)


18.You & Me (Original Radio Mix)

19.Der Tag... Du bist erwacht (Kyau vs. Albert Radio Edit)

20.Listen To Your Heart (Edmee's Unplugged Vocal Version Edit)

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Eyval Mr P :) .

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