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Guest 2fawn

Google in Farsi!!

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Guest triple555

i looove this design as well for the google logo!! They featured it on the 22nd of may! from the competition among K-12 ages of children and teenagers!



doodle4google 08 entry winner:






btw i know this has nothing to do with the main topic of the thread but i rememberd i had posted related thingss in this thread long time ago and

wanted to just post this in here as well..

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Farsi is the term we use for our language, when we are speakin Persian.


Persian is the correct term for our language when we are speakin English. Otherwise it'll be like a Spanish guy speakin in english sayin: I speak francais. :lol:


Besides, which normal European/American can connect farsi with Persians and Persian? :;-):


Persian refers to our heritage, damn it! :bash:


Thank you, but I am very well aware of this. The relation is actually Farsi:Persian, Espanol:Spanish.


Also, the Google site that I gave you is in the Iranian/Persian language, which means it's in Farsi (or Parsi, if you wish). I personall believe, it's ok for me to say Farsi because I'm Iranian/Persian and and most of us here are the same; and I/we mix English and Farsi/Persian in here all the time. If you constantly would like to be politically correct about it, go ahead. I can respect that.


My point is that I'm aware of the "political correct" aspect of the terms used, but we're in a forum of friends, not a political forum.


I read your thread on that btw, and yes, there are a lot of Iranians that are ignorant in this aspect, but then there are a lot who are not.. I'm going to respond to it later.


ciao - T


PS: Don't take this as an attack on your statement, but as constructive criticism.


lol. Nice one. Anyway, I think, Google is in Persian (Farsi) now. Anyway. Is google available to use in Iran now?




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