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Salam hi


Chetorin ,ahvaleton , Akhbareton dar kodom Tv hast hahaha nakhandid baba beheton nagoftam




Bacheha ..bacheha yaani pesara boys fahmidin


I think you r sometimes r bikaar like me and u wanna have a good time


Be man migi ba ye Dokhtari harf mizanam

Forget about the girls baba there are many other things in this world

Mikhai vaghteto begzarni


Go with ur friends to Starbux and sitt there until they say : Get out PLZ we are closing

How come that … Get out & PLZ … harfa ba ham nemikhoran megeh naa

Khob begzarim


Ye kari digeh

Go to the bathroom and take with you

-cream (eating or Hair cream farghi nadare)



-seshwar ya nemidonam chi


wash your head with water and put a half glass of creem on it with some shampoo

comb ur hair then massage it slowly …then there will be a cake on your head

not for eating just for watching (manzare)


OK you are a board person what r u gona do ??

Ye Zaft (recorder) biar and record ur brothers and sisters voices while they are talking and made funny comment on their talking


Record when someone is very angry and put your comments with the angry voices


Haaa didi Kimo chi ajeebeh


Or go to your car and open the FM and listen to the Akhbar

When they say something like


“Emrooz 3ta mottaham ra dastgheer kardan “


and then say : Khob chi kar conam chera be maan dari migi

And the same with the tv when your family are watching tv haminjoori aziat kon ...believe me you will feel good


Didi as I said zendegi kheili jalebeh not only talking to girls

Speaking about girls … baazia miran bazaar va lebase sexy mipooshan then when you try to talk to them migan ay baba to chi mikhai boro kenar

Khob chera az avval een lebasha mipooshi ??? vallla ajeebeh




If you have a car …go outside the city and put a Linkin park music with the highest volume DOOM BOOM BOOM … or that crazy beautiful girl AVRIL :wub:


Or take your car on the sands and (Weel bazan) ya machine becharkhon


Yaa boro too aashpaz khooneh ye chizi jaded yaad begir hamash dari mikhori ??

Farad zanet ke narahat shod az khooneh raft biroon che kar mikoni ??


You already have done all this before ??.. okey no problem

Play PS2 or

Go to the internet café and play games … what ,You are board of playing games

Ok then Boro machine babat kaseef kon and then wash it again


You see .. there are many things to do BUT use your mind

Your what ?



Spell it with me








Ok you r telling me that you can,t do this b/c you are old like 65 and my wife is 62

Chi kar konam


Eshkal nadare


Through a Laiz potato chips away from you and make a race between u and ur wife who can reach first

And you can cheat in this game it,s allowed


Khob begin che khabar salamatin haleton khobeh khanavadeton hamsayeton hameshon khoban beheshon begin Kimo salameton miresoneh agar goftan Kimo chieh begin yeki rooye pahash raah mireh


khob age hanooz ham bikar hastid berid inja Bezan inja topol



Khob edameh midim

Naa man khasteh shodam miram

naa nemitonam


Dastamo vel konid baba mikham beram














Good bye


Molla Kimo

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loooool OMG molla joon ajab karaey mikoni to vaghty ke bikari! :p

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Yeah Aso jan and that's what I love on Molla Twinni jan! Oh sorry...MOLLA KIMO LoooooL


Twinni KIMO digeh che no esmiye? Sounds japanese :huh:


Thank you anywayz...soooo much fun :rolleyes: :p :lol::D ;)

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