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Modern Iran

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First of all there should never be an almighty power, or else it's just another theocracy.

The second major step for democracy is to see that all this "party bazi" Shoot is treated as a serious crime.

I don't want some craphead to be my foreign minister just because his cousin is the prime minister.

The positions should be filled based on the ability to perform.

Islam should be treated more as a personal thing than law. All the idiots that say Islam should be the law are just too weak willed to apply it in a natural setting.

Iran doesn't have a natural setting. You don't get a cookie in heaven for not drinkng alcohol if the only reason you didn't drink it was because you couldn't find it!

What are these morons thinking?

I kind of like the handling of our foreign affairs. We shouldn't sit back and take Shoot from no one. I can't beleive that people aren't laughing everytime "America's Intelligence" points towards Iran develping nukes. After their total intelligence failure in Iraq, one would expect for them to STFU and reorganize their intelligence agencies before making more claims they keep pulling out of their asses.

Don't get me wrong, America kicks much ass, but the government is making mistakes that is hurting it.

If they fix those three things I think things will be much better for everyone, other than the leeches of this regime.

Of course this is just a broad suggestion. We can discuss spefics if enough people with brains start posting.

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