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Free weights or machines?

Free Weights vs. Machines?  

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  1. 1. Free Weights vs. Machines?

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nadidam kassy az to khartar


neest kasy az to olaaghtar
















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I prefer free weights over machines any day! Bring in the dumbells!



well, cardio and diet are important....However, weight training is also very important.


The reason being is that when you are doing cardio or what ever, your body is using its muscles. In order to be more effective your muscles need to be stronger.


The stronger your muscles, the more effective and faster the fat burning is. Weight training will allow your muscles to develop strength and control, which are very important.....so many people get injuries from just throwing weights around. :damn:


As already mentioned, you dont need to do heavy weights. Believe me becoming "muscly" isnt as easy as lifting weights...so don freak out :eek_wft: when you hear the words "do weights"




Free weights because the machines feel heavier.



HAH! :eek_wft:


wat kinda machines are they? Machines are designed to make it easier because there is only one motion, either a pull or a push...u don need to worry about the handles moving to the sides or anything.


Take for instance dumbells....one can go right left up down back front...all different directions....where as machine just goes one direction.


Check the weight you using on the machine, if its harder than free weights (while doing the same excercise) then something is not right.

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Yeah, it's the push/pull thing that is hard for me because of my wrists :).




ahhh ok fair enuf, i broke my wrist when i was about 13, kickboxing has its bad sides i guess.


But yeh, if it hurts though, you might just want to consider doing lighter weights to decrease pain and pressure, also, there are wrist straps designed to keep your wrist straight and relieve alot of pressure off it.


If you find that your wrists are hurting or you cant do as much as youd like, you may want to consider the straps.

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Free weights!!!

Hands down thats the best in my book and that what i always try to do the most in the gym

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