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  1. WTFFFFFFFFFF as I told before...this worldcup sux!

    All Italy was with Spain and how is you wasn't ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! That was Mediterrean football power as said many italian football players ! almost all the world wanted to see Spain as winner !


    Bavaram nemisheh keh to ba spain naboodi ! :damn:


    Spain & Germany's press ziadi Italia ro maskhare kardan va ziadi gholdor bazi kardan be italia....aslan khosham nayumad vase hamin support nakardam.

  2. Now I'll support the team of my future country: USA!




    LoL :D

    *mode mullah on* amricaaaa sheytaaneee bozooorg! *mode mullah off* GO USA! :D


    Mona, sorry about Italy dropping out so early. Hopefully the team of old timers will now make way for a birth of new young talent. A nation like Italy with such a fantastic footballing culture will surely produce some more stars.


    They needed this failure to wake up, the italian football championship is full of stranger great players, for example Inter team is full of strangers, the teams don't invest on young italians but keep buying players from abroad. Maybe this time they will change this attitude and will invest on young italian players. We will see :)

  3. Oh I wonder what Mona mama thinks of her beloved Italian team :D LOL sorry Mona but unfortunately the Azzurri this time around just didn't have what it takes to go any further! :friends: Hala vaaseye US team baayad cheer koni azizam! :punk:


    well I think same as you.....they didn't deserve nothing this time, they sucked. Wrong decisions and wrong players, they had no chance. Nobody here believed that they could gain something but I didn't expect they will come back so soon.....like an ordinary other team...we haven't gone back so soon since 1974!!!! This is not the real Italy, the famous Italy that all used to admire or envy! It's sad because this team represent exactly the situation of the italian society today: no space for the young people, recycling the old ones every year. Sadness.

    Now I'll support the team of my future country: USA!

  4. And therefore for the first time a host country fails to go through to the knockout stage. WTF Domenech was bitching about with the S. Africa's coach at the end of the match?


    he was mad with S.Africa's coach because when France won the match against Ireland (with the henry's hand goal) and were qualified for the WorldCup he told the France didn't deserve any qualification.....

  5. lol it's normal i think.....there are lots of gays in iran (although the "fantastic" president keeps telling that there are not any gays in iran) ...

    i remember once i was in a "trendy" place in Mashaad full of the coolest boys and girls....and there were a group of gays all with visible make up, long hair and bags...... :D

  6. yes im a member. Its a great site. you want to join?


    yess pleaase! :)



    ive used up my invites. i just checked to see if i have any left. once they give me more you'll be the first i add. leave me your email add i'll see if my other firends have any invites


    thanks! i'll send you my email address with a private msg