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  1. Michellica

    Merry Christmas

    merry xmaaaas!
  2. Michellica

    I love...

    ah yeah...like the iranian boys with natural wool cardigans and boxers
  3. Michellica

    I love...

    I love my wool thigh-highs ...thanks to them I can still wear skirts with that cold weather
  4. Michellica

    I Envy...

    I envy the Hawaian population right now
  5. Michellica

    Ur town Weather Condition

    - 7° .....27 years that I live in Milan and this is the first time that is so cold......it's snowing a lot!!!!
  6. Michellica

    what are you listening to

    Billy Joel - New York State of Mind
  7. Michellica

    Happy Birthday Michellica

    lol I'm a covergirl!
  8. Michellica

    Happy Birthday Michellica

    man ye exception hastam.....
  9. Michellica

    Happy Birthday Michellica

    look who's talking....shomaha az man kheeeeili pir tar hastin bikhod nakhandin :t anyway Amoo Sia shohar kg chande....aval be karo baram beresam baad
  10. Michellica

    Happy Birthday Michellica

    lol sorry for my "maccheronic" english ..... anyway I can't believe I'm 27....I feel like a baby :eek_wft:
  11. Michellica

    Johnny Depp

    he deserved this prize.....
  12. Michellica

    Happy Birthday Michellica

    yeah......I am getting old..... :eek_wft:
  13. Michellica

    Happy Birthday Michellica

    thx all guys!!!!!! :clap2:
  14. Michellica

    Where do you come from?

    raised up in Milan Italy......but future New Yorker! :clap2:
  15. Michellica

    Memory Lane

  16. Michellica

    Go Random

    Can't wait to take my big step of my life!! :clap2: :clap2:
  17. Michellica

    Wish List / Shopping List

    Worth every single penny, especially if you know how to get the best out of it! yeah I know.....I can't wait to buy it! Hehe, i've just purchased a brand new iMac and i LOVE IT! I can't recommend these apple machines enough! got it finally! yeeeeee :clap2:
  18. Michellica

    Rate the avatar above you!

    hahahaha pourya'sig is so funny!!! :haha:
  19. Michellica

    Bia2 application for Blackberry 9700 (Bold 2) ?

    boycott nokia!!!! Blackberry rulez!
  20. Michellica


    yesterday I watched at cinema "public enemies" great movie.....great johnny depp & marion coutillard.....and awesome soundtrack!!!! loved it a lot!!!!!
  21. Michellica

    I dislike...

    good luck.....you'll face dramas every day!
  22. Michellica

    I dislike...

    bikhial daram baghie roozara jobran mikonam
  23. Michellica

    Bikini fashion show dedicated to Iran

    hahaha cool
  24. Michellica

    I dislike...

    ahh also i forgot... i TOTALLY dislike working with women....next job i'll get i want only men staff!!!