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    You're a Drama Queen!

    40 According to your answers on the test, you are given to the occasional dramatic outburst. You seem to have days when you are calm and rational, yet others when you ride a temporary roller coaster of emotion. Yes, sometimes you overreact. Perhaps you are more sensitive in certain areas, like your love life or health. Or maybe you go a tad over-the-top during certain times of high stress (or fluctuating hormones... and this happens to both men and women!). Whatever the case, it would certainly be beneficial to keep the theatrics to a minimum. Going over-the-top can spice up your life but it also can cause unnecessary stress. When you're on the verge of freaking out, take a deep breath and consider how things fit into the big picture. Is it really worth it?
  2. Michellica

    NewBe :)

    LoL ...of course i'm a girl at 100% ....Metallica old school fan...I have known them when I was 6 years old ..that's why I consider them my "daddies".... :bl
  3. Michellica

    NewBe :)

    Uhm AJFA isn't merely a thrash album at 100%, it's more technical in comparison with Kill'em all,RTL and MOP ...but it has many references to thrash metal style (riffing, speed ecc)...it's a pity that in this album the Bass guitar sound doesn't exist... load is a good album of course...but i cannot accept as a Metallica album...if it was from another group that was specialized to hard rock (ex. bon jovi or similar) ok...but from metallica i want only thrash metal...
  4. Michellica

    NewBe :)

    For me Metallica are "fathers of thrash metal" ...the thrash metal it is born in 1983 with "Kill'em all" ....and I cannot accept that Metallica can play hard rock or others ....it seems ridicule for me.... I think that the black album is the album of the beginning of the decline of Metallica...I cannot accept load,reload ecc as Metallica's albums....it is horrible bbrr... got it?
  5. Michellica

    NewBe :)

    you're right...my nickname is a mix from michelle+metallica ....michelle becoz i luv this name...and metallica becoz they are my "daddies" (until and justice for all.. )
  6. Michellica

    Why Are Some Iranian Anti-Islam?

    there are some sad persons that have ruined the true one meant of Islam...in the whole world most people think that muslim are like talebans and similar... I think iranian people are exasperated of being forced to pray...to wear manto rusari or burka or chador and other thinks...and consequently they begin to hate islam ... (sorry if is not so clear..my english sux a bit..)
  7. Michellica

    oh my god...

    MMmmh...a very stupid medievally idea.....wake up..it's 2005 and women are emancipated..bah.. Harchi bishtar ba zoor mellato majboor konan ye seri chizara rayat konan bishtar mellat laj bazi mikonan va karaye badtar mikonan...bad migan chera dar iran fesat engadr ziad shode....etefaghaye mishnavam ke ta hala to in 22 sal omram dar italia nashenidam (sorry i wrote in farsi becoz i cannot explain good in english )
  8. Michellica

    NewBe :)

    Thanks a lot all
  9. Michellica

    Iranian actors/actresses

    I luv this guy..
  10. Michellica

    Iran is officially 'eff'ed

    Mmmhh...if he was really voted by iranian population...I think that iranians like to have a complicated life....I'm very skeptic about this election... *pessimism and worry* :no: