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  1. Michellica

    Go Random

    OMG this forum is completely dead lol
  2. Michellica

    H A Y E D E H

    I remember that video!ahangesho kheili doost dashtam....
  3. Michellica

    World Cup 2010

    france az italia hemayat kone????? LOOOOOOOOOOOL sob ta shab hey matalak mipparunan be ma! anyway good for Spain....they needed to feel to be the champion of the world at least once
  4. Michellica

    World Cup 2010

    All Italy was with Spain and how is you wasn't ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! That was Mediterrean football power as said many italian football players ! almost all the world wanted to see Spain as winner ! Bavaram nemisheh keh to ba spain naboodi ! Spain & Germany's press ziadi Italia ro maskhare kardan va ziadi gholdor bazi kardan be italia....aslan khosham nayumad vase hamin support nakardam.
  5. Michellica

    World Cup 2010

    WTFFFFFFFFFF as I told before...this worldcup sux!
  6. Michellica

    Ur town Weather Condition

    here is almost 40°!!
  7. Michellica

    TV-SERIES (no spoilers!)

    i finished all my favorite tv shows now i don't know what to watch!!!! i'm getting crazy lol... i'm watching "secret diary of a callgirl" but it's not so enthusiastic....
  8. Michellica

    I love...

    or even better, a video blog!lol lool no nekkid pics available...so sorry guys
  9. Michellica

    I love...

    open swimming pools on summer.....awwww refreshing!
  10. Michellica

    WHO IS THIS???

    Angelina Jolie?
  11. Michellica

    World Cup 2010

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2HBdRCroks LoL *mode mullah on* amricaaaa sheytaaneee bozooorg! *mode mullah off* GO USA! They needed this failure to wake up, the italian football championship is full of stranger great players, for example Inter team is full of strangers, the teams don't invest on young italians but keep buying players from abroad. Maybe this time they will change this attitude and will invest on young italian players. We will see
  12. Michellica

    World Cup 2010

    well I think same as you.....they didn't deserve nothing this time, they sucked. Wrong decisions and wrong players, they had no chance. Nobody here believed that they could gain something but I didn't expect they will come back so soon.....like an ordinary other team...we haven't gone back so soon since 1974!!!! This is not the real Italy, the famous Italy that all used to admire or envy! It's sad because this team represent exactly the situation of the italian society today: no space for the young people, recycling the old ones every year. Sadness. Now I'll support the team of my future country: USA!
  13. Michellica


    men with british accent.....
  14. Michellica

    World Cup 2010

    he was mad with S.Africa's coach because when France won the match against Ireland (with the henry's hand goal) and were qualified for the WorldCup he told the France didn't deserve any qualification.....
  15. Michellica

    Memory Lane

    i had a big crush on David Bowie when i saw this musical movie.....long...long ...long time ago...when i was really young http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VppuD1St8Ec&feature=related