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  1. marjan

    X-Elementz Bia Berim Music Video

    girl he is HOOOTTT and i'm loving the tattoo yeah i really liked the video - its totally different to normal iranian vids.. it was kinda daring.. which is nice to see from time to time i wish them the best if luck xxx
  2. marjan

    Male Belly Dancer

    dude that guy is soooo funny!!! ahh haaa gheresh bedeh!! :clap2: xxx
  3. marjan

    Mansour's new album

    im gonna be the boring one and the "typical fan" and say i love it .... anything by mansour i love! :dance_baby_wft: but neeloofar joon i have to agree with you - DEEVOONEH was something else! i suppose its hard for an artist like mansour to be riginal yet fresh coz there are so many new smaller bands comming out and its hard to compete! but mansour baby your still my #1 :clap2: deevvoonasham deevooneh! :air_kiss_wft: xxx
  4. marjan

    Kamran and Hooman

    omg i absolutely LOVED IT- id been waiting for so long and to finally see the finished product!!!! but dude ill kick that girls Azz in the video for hurting my hooman cant wait to see them in london next week!!!! xxx oh merry christmas to all of you - i hope you all have a great time whatever your all doing xxx
  5. marjan

    SH A GH A Y E GH

    seriously... i stil look at it and laugh - its one of those clips at however much you look at it you jusy laugh - i cant belive it actually happened in real life thought - thats what makes it funny! xxx :haha:
  6. marjan

    Borat Clips

    omggggggggggggggg i loved it soooooooooo much!! I LIKEEEEEEEEEEEDDD it was NICEEEE u see in the US and A you cannnot just go to a persons house and swap his daughter to 200 gallons of insexxttisiddeeessss. Here we have soemthing called dating!! ooomgggg i think it was so funny - esp the bed bit!!!!! i was ON THE FLOORRRR (literally) - liek you know wen you laugh so much you get a del dard and you think omg it hurts and your abs ache - thats how i felt!! i like you , you like me... xxxx ahh my face was sore when i came out of that cinema! xxxx
  7. marjan

    SH A GH A Y E GH

    OMG pourya,.. the clip on your signature is soooooooo funny - mordam as khandehhh xxxx
  8. marjan

    DJcozet New Mixes

    khahesh meekonam
  9. marjan

    ARIAN vs. Fereydoun

    ibid. i love fereydoon - his voice is so pure xxx
  10. marjan

    DJcozet New Mixes

    hey - dastet dard nakoneh - i really enjoyed them best wishes for the future Marjan xxx
  11. marjan

    Comments on new iranian releases

    akhey thanks pourya jan - i feel so welcommed by everyone and i feel gald that my opinion counts in all of this. i just hope its all resolved soon. xxx
  12. marjan

    Alec Cartio

    hey alec, thanks for commign back here and filling us in with the info. when i read the previus topic realating to this matter i was completely shocked to see record labels do such a thing. I never thought out of all of them especially Avang would do such a thing. whilst following your work for a long time have noticed that most of your videos are produced for artists who's label are avang and i know its not the artist who are saying these things but their label. personally i am totally behind you in what you do and i stand by what i said and discussed with pourya joon. im really dissapointed at the record labels but as i said again its their loss and as long as we know the truth its for the individual to decide alec KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK and never stop being proud of WHO you are and your roots. thanks marjan xx x
  13. marjan

    another problem

    ahh the first one was sooo "akhey" xxx
  14. marjan

    Is Sacha Baron Cohen half Iranian?

    omg i love that guy! he is really well educated he went to oxford or cambridge one of the 2 and came out with a very good degree... i guess his funny side took the best of of him!!! my god ive seen that fils 3 times already!!!! my sides split each time!!! I LIKEEE HE IS NICEEEE!!
  15. marjan

    Comments on new iranian releases

    aww gosh pourya jan.. i never realised that! :bl however i still stand by my opinion in that Bia2 is staring to be one of the biggest iranain networks for young iranian people and i always considered Bia2 as a protal into the perisan music industry especially with its critics and overviews of albums and artisits. personally to me, you were doign the said record comanies a favour by promoting their artists and their albums. i personally wouldnt have heard about half of these artists and their albums if it wasnt about the comments and discussions people have here, so to me the record companies are loosing out on sales! anyway all i wanted to say to them was its their loss! - they wont realise until they have lost out on the opportunity. thanks for the info pourya jan xxx