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  1. aydin

    Rate the avatar above you!

    who likes my signiture. this was at a picnic a little while ago.
  2. aydin


    i believe pesaraye irani be darde dokhtar iroonia mikhoran, az paseh ham bar mian.
  3. aydin

    what did u do 2day??

    woke up at 12, played tennis with some friends then played football. now ive come home to pack up for tomorows mosaferat with my mates, man its gonna go down im so excited.
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  6. aydin


    iranian guys arent alike by no means. pourya khaan signituret khayli haji pasande, ey val.
  7. aydin

    The Death Clock

    by the way technology is going for science, i think we will all live to be 120. by the way the environment and the defense technology is going, we will be lucky to hit 30.
  8. aydin


    Aydin jan that's quite revealing. Considering your age i would say that's pretty good. What was the name of your film and what role did you play? thanks aziz, the film is called "Amateurs" and im the writer and director,its not fully finished just yet but in 2-3 months it hopefully will be done. ill upload it once its done and will show it to those interested, its not everyones cup of tea you know, im a huge charlie kaufman fan so you might have an idea what the film is going to be like if you know him. lol
  9. aydin


    well i havent achieved anything yet, although i have made a film and written two scripts if that counts as an achievement. although im only 19, ive gotta my whole future ahead of me. oh and at last year's 48 hour famine i raised 300 bucks, that was pretty cool. oh one more thing, i once scored a hattrick to the power of 2, meaning i scored a hat trick in 3 consecutive matches. btw: nanakhafan looking at your sig reminds me of a funny story, the first i got my dad to watch the lord of the rings with me, when that eye of sauron came up, he said "in dige kojaaye lorde?" i just lost it, but seriously the writers had alot of fun with this.
  10. aydin

    What did you want to become?

    lol hame bachigi mikhastan doktoro khalabano atash neshan bashan, man bache ke boodim 2 ta shoghl bishtar nemikhatam dashte basham, yeki miveh foroush, yeki control chie cinema. so yea i sat my goals pretty low as a child to avoid dissapointment.
  11. aydin

    The GIF thread (56k Warning)

    enjoy peeps, not suitable for kids. http://www.dimulka.aha.ru/sex/
  12. aydin

    Women Topless?

    ill say no for many areasons. first it will take from the exitement of taking a girls top off. second of all it will be uncomfortable for the girls. thirdly who wants a bunch of horney guys walking around the street? fourth, look at the african women and how saggy theyve become as a result of this. fifth, because of the increase of car accidents. and pedestrians walking into eachother.
  13. aydin

    The GIF thread (56k Warning)

    this one i made myself, sei ello to ma lehol fewind.
  14. aydin

    exchange sex for money?

    i voted for "id sell if" if she is hot and the money is good, and i mean really good. but then again the normal customer for guys is 60 year old gay men who have been in the closet their whole lives and crave a blowjob.
  15. aydin


    depends on the girl, depends on the furr and it depends on the colour. ps: agha pourya youve already made two threads about girls with masculine features, whats the next thread going to be? girls with big clits? jk