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  1. irannostalgia

    Indian flavoured iranian music

    Ok, I'm back from India... By the way Ramesh also has a tabla heavy one called "Geryeh Nakon". But, now that I've been listening to India / Punjab music for two months, I can give you finally a good recomendation on music from India. These are my 4 favorite songs from India and Punjab: 1. INDERJEET NIKKU - Naam Nahin Lenah (Punjab) Year: 2007 2. shreya ghoshal - Salaam-E-Ishq Year: 2009 3. Alka Yagnik - Chori Chori Chupke - Year: 2006 4. sami adnan - Mahiya Year: 2008 Sound sample is available at a video in my site: http://updatesdario.blogspot.com/2009/03/d...dia-punjab.html
  2. irannostalgia

    Indian flavoured iranian music

    I just heard the Mehrshad one.... Really good!! I liked it. Wish he did more of that sort of stuff.
  3. irannostalgia

    Indian flavoured iranian music

    Thanks .... I tried the Ashkan and Kooshan one. Nice and interesting definitely!! I also found the Toofan song that has indian flavor (with video). It is on his site, but unfortunately his singing is very weak and the song was dull.
  4. irannostalgia

    Indian flavoured iranian music

    I'm going to go and try the Toofan one's because I tried the ones Ahmaad mentioned, and not a single one of them had anything to do with what I was talking about! :bl Oh this Panjabi song is driving me crazy. Couldnt find a video for it though: artist: Inderjeet Nikku - song: Jithe Baba Pair Dhare
  5. irannostalgia

    Indian flavoured iranian music

    Here's a video of the Inderjit Nikku guy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-Kt6bLGWp0 BTw, of the iranian artists that I put on my list, like googoosh, yes they all have more than one song in that style, but I just put one by each artist.
  6. irannostalgia

    Indian flavoured iranian music

    Thanks everyone ... I'll go try all of those. Actually, in the meantime I'm also discovering Hindi Music and Punjabi music and some of the stuff is absolutely awsome. Like theres this guy that wears a turbant called "Inderjeet Nikku", simply AMAZING!!! With full string section!! Eventually I'll make a list of my india / punjabi discoveries and post them here and on my site. Its actually difficult to discover indian / paki singers because their music industry is mainly based on the soundtracks of the bollywood movies. So I had to dig hard. But definitly found some songs I could suggest for the nexxt Nooshafarin cover... Unfortunatelly I cant imagine many iranian "guy" singers doing these numbers just because we don't have that many iranian male singers with beautiful "smooth" voices. Maybe Ali Ashabee...
  7. irannostalgia

    Indian flavoured iranian music

    Oh, thanks. It hadn't occured to me. Yes you are right about Arash. Though his stuff is more on the faster paced material. I need something a bit slower though still rythmic.
  8. irannostalgia

    Indian flavoured iranian music

    I'm preparing to visit India. So I am compiling the music I will take on my Walkman during the trip. It will be mostly indian pop music which I can tell you about in a separate post. Along with the indian material, I want to take with me some iranian pop with indian flavour. For those of you who understand music, you know what I mean. Iranian pop music with indian tabla percussion, mid range tempo 100BPM to 124 BPM. In other words, normal, non-miki mouse speed. Now I'm not being a purist, I know some of these are more "afghan" than "indian", but you get the idea. Here are some examples: 1. Soli - Hamadi Fill + Negar (Ey yaar-e Man) 2. Googoosh - Man aamadeham 3. Nooshafain - Nazanin E Ashegh 4. Betti - Jodaee (on her new album) 5. Nelli - ki bood Ki bood 6. Gitti - Geryeh ( dokhtari dareh geryeh mikoneh ) 7. Mehrpouya - Aseman Migeryad emshab. For those of you who understood what I meant, can you think of any additional iranian songs that have hindi flavor and tabla percussion in them? If so, let us know in the comments.
  9. irannostalgia

    Report Song Rip-Offs!!!

    Touraj shabankhaani has written on his site that he wrote the music for "Kavir Del" by Marjan. These people have simply no shame. As you know this is a lie, since Kavir Del is a farsi translation of a foreign song. It was a german song, that Ajda Pekkan re-sang in French for her french career. On a separate note, I was very interested in the song "Ki Bood" by Nelli, only to find out, that she simply improvises vocals on top of a track by BIDDU ORCHESTRA.
  10. irannostalgia

    what are you listening to

    These are the songs that I listened to in the past 6 months. Love them all: anglais Mick Hucknall - Poverty. anglais china crisis you did cut me arab karam najwa 08 - ma khabi aleik dance Hercules love affaire Antoni - blind dance corona i dont want to be a star dance Freemasons Rain down love_sample espana francesc picas locos de amor espana OBK - Siempre tu espana orozco antonio -dime_por_que_ espana cecilla andar aunque el camino sea estrecho y el polvo se pegue espana Casa Azul - revolucion sexual francais Ringo (Live) 07-Les Oiseaux De Thailande greek Petrelis thanos - 02.Eimai akoma_tr2_DOXA SOI O THEOS greek Eleftheria Arvanitaki - T01. Diata greek ploutarxos giannis ( PLOUTARHOS YANNIS) Oti_Gennietai_ Ah angele Mou greek panos kiamos tha vgema tha pino greek vandi despina .To Thauma(Remix)_like iran betti 06 zoraghe kaghazi. 2008 ye zolaale tordow naazok iran Maziar - Zemzemeh vaghti shodeh ravaaneh dar ghalb-e iran ebi shabzadeh azize iran Mohsen Chavoshi 01 - Ye Shakheh Niloofar_like italia berte in alto mare italia negramaro rubero la luna italia bella gianni t'amo italia bella marcella nessuno mai italo fortunati michael into the night remix- italo mike mareen here I am italo modern talking in 100 years italo thomas andres mas que amor italo facts & fiction italo disco gimme the night latina juanes - Gotas De Agua Dulce (Manny Lopez Baby I Love You Radio Mix) latina rock soda stereo - ecos latina rock Jaguares 2 fin.( si yo me fuera antes que amarte)
  11. irannostalgia

    Flamenco Club

    One day I had this funny situation. I live in Spain and a spanish childhood friend of mine mentioned to me the group Aabjeez knowing I'm half iranian. I said I didn't care for them because to me they have nothing iranian about them except for singing in persian. But rather they sound like some flamenco Spanish-rock groups, such as, Ketama. Then, it all fell in place, as aparently some of the band members are instrumentalists from Sevilla Spain. And my friend had heard about them through that. If you are interested in Spanish artists, check this link in my page: Dario's 630 Favorite Songs All Time There is a section for iranian songs (100) and also a section for España (70) songs. I cover from the 60s till now. These are songs I consider my favorites but also musically worthy of being considered classics.
  12. irannostalgia

    The Best Iranian Songwriters

    In terms of construction of vocal melodies, my vote goes to: Babak Afshar From a musician perspective I can tell that he is really in control. It looks like he can take the melody in the direction that he wants and come up with a correct composition. Ghomayshi also can write properly. Some of the other writers wrote nice melodies, but I feel that some of it was "by ear". Meaning they just dotched down what they were humming to themselves and thats why the material might not be as original. I think Varoojan as great as he was worked that way when writing music and not arrangements. Same goes with Jahanbakhsh Pazooki.
  13. irannostalgia

    Trivia: Who performs these iranian songs??

    Hello, I have attached a short audio clip of a song recorded from the street.... (it was a scenary video on youTube). Who does this song and what is the name of it? Sounds like Benyamin to me, but its not on his 85 album... nemikham_ashehg.mp3
  14. irannostalgia

    Please sign this petition against the movie "300"

    If this movie is about a battle field war, you wouldnt expect them to show war fighters kissing and hugging each other. I dont think Warner is violating undeniable international legal rights. Its not a documentary, its a ficticious movie. The petition is not well written. It basically says that persians were not savages at the battle field! Which I dont understand. What were they supposed to be at the battle field? In my modest opion, its better to be selective about petitions and submit them for when people are being hanged in Iran or impresoned for wanting freedom, and such..
  15. irannostalgia

    Malmo to Stockholm by train

    well thanks. The price of the train ticket was absolutely ridiculous. Comes to almost 300 Euros round trip. Its cheaper to take an airplain!! To think that from Gerona Spain there is a flight for 60 Euros to Stockholm! But that it costs 300Euros to go from Malmo to Stockholm and back! Its silly! Thanks