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  1. davoooood

    Go Random

    first time on here in like 4 years. hi EVERYONE.
  2. davoooood

    Go Random

    first time on here in like 4 years. hi EVERYONE.
  3. davoooood

    The IRANIAN name game!

  4. davoooood

    The IRANIAN name game!

  5. davoooood

    Your Height/Weigh/Waist/Shoe size please!

    Your feet got smaller? I was either wearing a certain brand of shoe that fitted my foot at size 13, or i was lying in 2005 and trying to big myself up. Both are very possible.
  6. davoooood

    Your Height/Weigh/Waist/Shoe size please!

    Height: 183 cm (6'1) Weight: 180 lbs (?) Shoe: 12 Waist: 34 On page 2 or 3 of this thread I replied (in 2005) with... 6'0 205 lbs 13 (shoes) 38 I've lost a bunch of weight, lol.
  7. davoooood

    Answer and ask the next person

    I love khiaar. Maasto khiaar FTW. Q: Have you ever been to Canada?
  8. davoooood

    Happy Birthday Keano

    happy bday bro.
  9. davoooood

    kim kardashian party hops & laughs

    Droppin names.
  10. davoooood

    where are you from?

    From Iran, living in Toronto. That's in CANADA for all you dumb yankees. jk.
  11. davoooood

    Name that song!

    Raftio man moondamo khakestaram Balaye to kaash nemioomad saram
  12. davoooood

    what are you listening to

    Been hooked on "Ye Shaakhe Niloufar" for weeks now. Favourite track: Deltangi. Amazing album.
  13. davoooood

    Ebi & Arash in concert - Toronto

    bache k***y is not showing up. he signed on to perform that night in vegas. instead farshid amin and helen will replace him. omidvaram ke hich moghe nayad canada. ebi is still performing though, which will be the highlight. with or without arash.
  14. anybody to attend? let's meet up and do a secret bia2 fist-jab. ... i'm glad he'll be performing with arash. it's good for us guys who plan on attending. god... it'll be packed with duffies.
  15. davoooood

    Happy Birthday Khanoomi

    it's been decided that sara and me are to ezdevaaj in the coming months. all that is left is for me to go to california for khastegari. please stand by. you're all invited.