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  1. chelsea fan

    gettin ever closer

    u support all the spanish teams , bcoz ur confused or u jus dnt like losin
  2. chelsea fan

    gettin ever closer

    i dnt get it, u support wat team :Funk:
  3. chelsea fan

    gettin ever closer

    its nearly time iran r gettin eva closer 2 wc 2006 ..... guess the scores in their matches they have coming up i say 1. mexico 2-1 to iran 2.portugal 1-0 to portugal 3. angola 2-0 to us
  4. chelsea fan

    for ladies n guyz

    top 5 good lookin ladies or guyz in this forum ( not in order) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.! make your choice
  5. chelsea fan

    favourite place in the whole world

    kwl ....... mines the shower to
  6. chelsea fan


    what type of chocolate bar do u prefer? 1. galaxy 2. cadbury's 3. kindo bueno 4. mars ( ugh) 5.snicker or 6. trombelrone ( mmm spelt wrong i think lol) ...... :happy_wft: :clap2:
  7. chelsea fan

    favourite place in the whole world

    whats ur favourite place in the whole world..... could be a country or sumwer in a country u jus love going 2.....................
  8. chelsea fan

    ~Cute or Sexy~

    sexy :gentleman_in_wft[1]: but with a pinch ov cuteness
  9. chelsea fan

    Tehran Derby *Revenge*

    wtf u on about............ hes got 2 weeks left 2 cum back n hes already training :eek_wft:
  10. chelsea fan

    ello ello

    sexiest gal on this whole forum is :gentleman_in_wft[1]: :air_kiss_wft: :punishing_wft: any 1 ave msn also!!! each person can only say 1 gal
  11. chelsea fan

    i wanna know

    girls n ladies :gentleman_in_wft[1]: :gentleman_in_wft[1]: :clap2: i wanna know wot u think about football and b truthfulll!!!
  12. chelsea fan


  13. chelsea fan


  14. chelsea fan


  15. chelsea fan

    breakdance video

    thats all true guys, but it takes sheer quality 2 be break dancer anyway, uve iva got it or u dont. this guy i wood say iz about 20-24. but any way if u want me 2 put any mor videos in jus say.