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  1. ~freeiran~

    Lebanon's sex industry

    Exactly what i saw last year !!! nobody cares over there about Iran ... Is so nice to see you bacj dear freeiran . You have been there? Yeah that's what my sister said too. Aww merci Siamak jan. Nice to see you too
  2. ~freeiran~

    Lebanon's sex industry

    Very interesting article.. Lebanon seems to be such an interesting country. My sister was there this summer and she said there were great cultural contrasts. People clubbing and dressing just the way we in the west do, and then on the other side there are the religious fundamentalists.
  3. ~freeiran~

    Soft porn offer

    nice to hear!
  4. ~freeiran~

    Words Association Game

  5. ~freeiran~

    It makes me happy and glad when ....

    i like this thread pourya it makes me happy and glad when my sister is in a good mood (she's a teen. i dont think i need to say more)
  6. ~freeiran~

    Beating Heart of the Beast

    very cool..reminded me of satrapi's perspolis.. but i wonder what the man in the end said.. or at least i think that the voice was supposed to come from him?
  7. ~freeiran~

    Best and worst thing that happend today was....

    thanks! yeayy congrats pourya jaan! how ironic that it was a subject that you dont feel comfortable with and yet it turned out to be the best exam youve ever written! hihi
  8. ~freeiran~

    Best and worst thing that happend today was....

    best: my exam went better than i thought..something i hadn't expected worst: fell on my ass on my way home from the exam..stupid ice! =P
  9. so in order to stay healthy and live we need to have sex. it's a necessary evil
  10. ~freeiran~

    iranians answers where iran is on the map [SEE IT!]

    how embarassing! hahah esp the young girl who said sth like: are you sure its on here? seriously! the old man who pointed at the water was cute though, haha
  11. ~freeiran~

    Soft porn offer

    ^ insha'allah he is happy :p
  12. ~freeiran~

    I dislike...

    there are people who actually enjoy doing laundry??? wow..im glad i dont know any such people :p
  13. ~freeiran~

    Happy Birthday Michellica

  14. ~freeiran~

    M Ahmadinejad E-mail

  15. ~freeiran~

    Your own Art work

    i know pourya said something very smart up there and i wish i could say something artsy like that, haha, but i cant so all i have to say is WOWWW yet again