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  1. Planet-Persia

    Age range

    20 :dance_baby_wft:
  2. Planet-Persia

    What does it take to get a recording deal?

    you wanna get in touch with nava media or what do you mean with "them" ? so far that i know behbood is going to meet shadmehr and another nava media artist 28th oct in the "office" in holland wherever that might be, they want to promote their albums togheter to get better prices on the tv stations or whatever. I can imagine there also some responsibles from nava. But i think the main office is in toronto/kanada it might be true but artist like shohreh or shadmehr are allready "in the game" it should be much more difficult for you to get the same benefits as they.
  3. Planet-Persia

    What does it take to get a recording deal?

    kind of funny, ive asked behbood the same question yesterday and lets say it so it ended in a very long discussion but to say it in one word MONEY you need at least 100.000 dollars and be sure nobody will support you, it takes mostly 1-2 albums till you really can earn money from persian music only in the case the people want your music. some prices maryam heydarzadeh lyrics > 1000 dollar shadmehr aghili song > about 5000-7000 dollar koji clip > about 10000 dollar groupies > priceless :dance_baby_wft: it really aint fair but thats how it is
  4. Planet-Persia


    Behbood he made a very impressive video with Vahid Amini (who also did the Afshin - Dige Azat badam miad shoot last week) for the Song Dorooghe in Hamburg this week where we meet him
  5. Planet-Persia

    your best concert experience?

    definetly dariush and omid these guys really can sind - ok the perfomance is not like kamran and hooman but the know how to entertain the crowd ive seen p.diddy and the bad boy family about 2 years ago in germany - great show many effekts and fireworks but the dont really got much supporters here, there was about 1500 people, i think they dont even earn the money for the fireworks
  6. Hi to all batchehaye bahale bia2.com chanta khabare khub chand waght pish arasho dariush to shahre köln konzert dashtan maham ba chand nafar raftimo jatun khali kolli hal kardim chanta aksam gereftim ke mitunid inja bebinid arash backstage http://www.planet-persia.de/component/opti...d,445/catid,11/ dariush live in konzert http://www.planet-persia.de/component/opti...d,445/catid,10/ arash after show party http://www.planet-persia.de/component/opti...id,445/catid,9/ hala na faghat in chand rooz badesh duste khubam dj majid raft tu clipe jadide afshin "dige azat badam miad" ke to albumesh "maach" peyda mishe ye naghshi bazi kard wa wasse maham chanta aks poshte zahne gereft afshins clip shoots http://www.planet-persia.de/component/opti...d,445/catid,12/ khode ahange Dige Azat Badam Miadam mitunid dar site majid download konid www.dj-majid.de hanuz 26 saat munde ke ma dar planet-persia ejaze darim online konim fehlan halesho bebarin ta bebinam chizaye dige betunam gir biaram. Nokare hamatun Nima
  7. Planet-Persia

    Shahrum K

    comming soon :th
  8. Planet-Persia

    Shahrum K

    Biad inja yeki karetun dare :dance: download here
  9. Planet-Persia

    Arash Interview

    I found the original script from the Inteview we made withe Arash about 2 weeks ago. Have fun Planet-persia.de: Your music will be available in german stores from may 9th - what are we going to expect? ARASH: I think it will going well and in this way can I show that Persian music can be N.o 1 to.... ... Planet-persia.de: How would you describe your music? What is your music like? ARASH: My music is my own style mixed of a lot of diffrent cultures , I dont follow any strutures , I only do what feels good! Planet-persia.de: Can your music be described as wesetrn music for Iranians or is it rather Iranian music for the West? ARASH: You can describe it as both ways , my music is for everybody , but of course I am a proud Persian Planet-persia.de: Your current album contains features with Ebi and DJ Aligator - tell us how the collaboration developed? ARASH: Both of them are good friends of mine so it felt natural to do this with them , I am also helping EBI with the production of his next album Planet-persia.de: The songwriter of "Begu Ey Yaar" has some time ago expressed his anger in a Tapesh-Show about the remix of his song. Furthermore, he said that he was not informed about it. What is your opinion about that issue? ARASH: I don´t know anything about that , but we have giving them all credits and royalty for their writing and you can read it in my CD. It is totally legal to do a cover as long as you don´t change the lyrics and the melody. Planet-persia.de: Are more features planned? Whom would you like to work with in the future? Do you have idols in the music business? ARASH: It´s a dream for me to work with Googoosh and Neptunes Planet-persia.de: Many people say that you remind them very much of Punjabi MC, who was successful some time ago - how do you reply to comparisons or reproaches like that? ARASH: I am a Persian , not a Indian , some of my song is influenced by Indian Music , but I definetly have my own style Planet-persia.de: Your video "Tikke Tikke kardi" contains a flirting-scene with a hot blonde - what is your private taste concerning girls? I look much more on the personality then on the looks Planet-persia.de: Are concerts or even a tour planned in Germany? When are we going to expect you here? ARASH: I will be in Germany as much as I can , but scheduled right now is 6 of May at VIVA TV and I will play at something that is called the DOME in Dortmund the 20th of MAY , it feels very good. Planet-persia.de: Describe us the private Arash. Do you have a girlfriend? ARASH: Yes , I meet someone not so long time ago , she is from Iran and her name is Behnaz , I even wrote a song about her Planet-persia.de: Tell us about your private and vocational aims in the future? ARASH: The most important thing for me is to stay healthy and be happy , and meet my family as much as possible and making Persian music N:o1 in the world There are so many good Persians artists and I hope that I can open a door for all of them in the western world of music Planet-persia.de: You are selecting caps? How many do you have already? ARASH: I have around 150 diffrent hats and caps. Planet-persia.de: What is your relation to Iran like? ARASH: Iran is my heart Planet-persia.de: When have you been there the last time? ARASH: I was there three years ago in Theran and Kish , I thad a great time , I have lots of friends there. Planet-persia.de: Is there something you would like to say to the Planet-Persia users? ARASH: Thank you for your support and I hope to see you soon , Omidvaram ke ma iraniha har jaie donya bashim hamishe shad va khosh bashim. Planet-persia.de: Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you good luck and much success in Germany. ARASH: THANKS ! MERCI ! © Planet-Persia 2005
  10. Planet-Persia

    Shahrum K

    i would say about 170 cm i meet him once about a year ago but WHERE ARE THE QUESTIONS??? Is there nothing you would be interessed to know?
  11. Planet-Persia

    Where are u from?

    worldwide connected bikar iranians :DD :dance: :t
  12. Planet-Persia

    Drummms please

    Ya, it's impossible not to if your Swedish :k Yiay! where can i read it? It's alright i guess 82919[/snapback] The released translated Interview you will find here Planet-Persia Arash Interview i will look if i can find the original english script
  13. Planet-Persia

    Shahrum K

    Im going to meet him saturday in colonge for a interview Any questions i should ask him?
  14. Planet-Persia

    Answer and ask the next person

    ham boos ham baghal i love this game Q: whats the difference between me and you?
  15. Planet-Persia


    mage man mage man mage man del nadaram :c