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  1. ardish


    khob dige conversation went somewhere else ! i now pronounce this thread to be only for sara and khoshtip :afrique7bo:
  2. lol hahaha.....rafsanjani cried to imam khomeini ....lol ye what ever i would cry if i had about everything in the world in my swiss bank !!! and a castle for my daughters ...yes yes mr.rafsanjani we will vote for u so u can get more money off iran "sarcazm" :afrique7bo:
  3. midoonam khoshtippe man......midoonam.....it makes me so sad when i think about it....ppl have no choice.... :c :c and u do realise anyone who has an iranian birth certificate could "vote" for without knowing. :c 94859[/snapback] I really don't know what to say... :c 94862[/snapback] 94865[/snapback] i have a question sara....its so weird too see someone , lets like ur avatar who looks all bad a** and coool voting for hashemian or what ever....anywayz i hope something happens to the electionz !!! the person i so wanna just like kill is that khamenie !!! god he pisses me off so bad ! :whistling:
  4. i heard a iranian women is ganna go on another hunger strike since 2002 in UK !
  5. they dont even vote for hashemi ....its just fake,,,dont worry ..people know rafsangani better than anyone...those teens are just there for show !! there paid and sponsered !! u think someone who stole more than 2 billion dollars from iran would be welcomed ? :dance:
  6. ardish


    wow arian where do u get ur news and all from :clap2:
  7. ardish


    u will be a soldier even if ur in iran !!! when theres no war or nothing...i have 2 more years to go till i become a soldier...but thankfully my dad has connections !!!
  8. yeah....he lived 3 doors away from doostam lara joon..... she was really upset...he was a family friend and all..... :c :c :c :c :c :c :c 93320[/snapback] sadly he wont.......HE WILLL GET AWAY WITH IT....hes a mother ****** mullah .....what do u think he will do....hes difinantly gettin away with it ( spelling )
  9. thx ......alot its so bad to hear !!! omg im ganna slay those F8#2#%s !!!!
  10. ardish

    Shah vs. Mullahs

    shes right about the problem with shahs regime but shes definantly wrong with mllah regime....the mullah regime is islamic ...and more arabic that bein westernized :no:
  11. ardish

    Michael Jackson Verdict...

    keano !! where did u get that sean penn thingy....omg i just heard he is in iran !!! dang he looks like a clerk in a baghalii!
  12. ardish

    Hidden Cam 22

    that is FIIIIIIIIIIINE by ME! :DD :DD sara i LOVE ur avatar!!! ) ) :DD 93522[/snapback] he looks like johnny knoxville anywayz since im goin to iran in 3 days ...i will be seeing some hotties there ( girls ) :afrique7bo:
  13. ardish


    GERMANY????? HELLLS NO......IL STAY IN IRAN!!! dude u gotta be in iran to party ! im not that quite .....im definetly going to iran ...germany is a bad idea for someone whoi wants to party over the winz!!!!
  14. ardish


    I WANT TO BE IN IRAN RIGHT FREAKIN NOW.....and party in the streeeeets WITH ALL MY FREINDS !!!!!!! :c :DD :afrique7bo:
  15. ardish

    Perspolis/Esteghlal thread

    i like esteghlal or taj ...there better i think ...now everyone i gave a chance to kill me :clap2: