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  1. Persianbabe!

    shadmehr aghilis bia inja

    merci Pourya!! :clap2:
  2. Persianbabe!

    Jamshid's New Album

    Yeah I heard one of Jamshids new songs its called dir shode or something like that and Shadmehr composed the music for it!
  3. Persianbabe!

    What is the name of this song???

    Yes it is!! ) Its an excellent song!!
  4. Persianbabe!

    New Iranian COMEDY about the Iraq war

    I think it was excellent and it was very funny!! Everything was true too!!!
  5. Persianbabe!

    Persian ringtones

    Does anybody know where I can get any Persian ringtones from?????? For a phone which does not have a composer.
  6. Persianbabe!

    Idin's new album and tour!

    This thread was opened to discuss when Idin's album will be released or when he will be doing a tour. Thats why I actually ask this question in the first post! If you dont know just say, you have to put Idin down!!
  7. Persianbabe!

    Idin's new album and tour!

    I didnt open this thread so that ppl could criticise Idin!! I just wanted some information about his album or his tours! If you havent got anything good to say about Idin, dont say anythin at all!!!!!
  8. Persianbabe!

    Idin's new album and tour!

    Does anybody know when Idin's new album will be released or when he will be starting his tour???? I was told that he would be starting his tour in Dubai in May but I havn't heard anything else about it!!!
  9. Persianbabe!

    SHADMEHRS NEW ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!&

    So does anybody know when it will be released officially??? I thought it was supposed to be coming out in June.
  10. Persianbabe!

    Shahrum K

    Did you ask him any questions??? :bl
  11. Persianbabe!

    SHADMEHRS NEW ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!&

    I agree with you!!! It is excellent!!!
  12. Persianbabe!

    SHADMEHRS NEW ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!&

    I think that he is really talented, and all of his albums are excellent!!!!
  13. Persianbabe!

    SHADMEHRS NEW ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!&

    Its excellent!! but its not officially out yet, I got it as a demo. The album is called Talafi. There are a couple of his old songs on the album which have been mixed, they are from the film Pareparvaz and there is a song called Shabe berahneh from the film Shabe berahneh!!! Its really worth listening to!!!
  14. Persianbabe!

    Best Music Album ever?

    All of Shadmehr's albums are the best!!!!
  15. Persianbabe!

    Shahrum K

    If you meet him could you ask him if he is coming to the UK (Manchster) to do any concerts? thanks.