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    I LOVE TO BELLYDANCE!!!!!!!!!!.....anyone up for a challenge???..lol...JUST KIDDING!.....but yea addicted to dancing!!!
  1. persian_samra

    I Can't Wait...

    as usual...park festivities.....but the weather has been beautiful so im excited to hang out with friends and smoke ghalyoon and enjoy it
  2. persian_samra

    I Can't Wait...

    i cant wait till 13-bedar!!!!!!!!!!! :DD
  3. persian_samra

    I dislike...

    omgoodness....i dislike....no i hate! when ppl dont turn their turn signals on!!!!!!!!!!
  4. persian_samra

    Go Random

    merci merciii.....same to you ;)
  5. persian_samra

    Go Random

    merci pourya joon! i missed it here....how is everyoneee?????
  6. persian_samra

    Go Random

    HEYYYY EVERYOONNEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
  7. persian_samra

    Lyrics Game!!

    how does the agha sabzi foroush song go? LOL i know agha sabzi foroush BALE then.....?
  8. persian_samra

    where are you from?

    where in florida? im in Palm Harbor
  9. persian_samra

    Answer and ask the next person

    wwatt is that???? im curious
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  11. thats a reaalllyy old picture....sex trafficing happens everyday......but this happend back around 1998 and it wasnt sex trafficing, it was smuggling someone across the mexican border i believe.......my cousins in iran showed me those pics when i was super young
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  13. persian_samra


    lmao this is me senior year of high school......i taped myself for a project.....(btw i was 17 here..LOL)
  14. persian_samra


    here's my avatar big.....i kinda like it....LOL
  15. persian_samra

    Rate the avatar above you!

    10 to pouya for his avatar vali im not so sure about ur sig....i think the girl in the middle is pregnant...LOL....shes has an F*in hott face...but i think she has a bun in the oven