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  1. Hero

    Go Random

    Listening to Ebi Mohtaj ... nice song ....
  2. Hero

    nice quotes

    “Rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness - give me truth.” This is my fav quote ever ... i live in a fake society so this means a lot ....
  3. Hero


    australian raspberries i can honestly say they taste like sh!t compared to american rasp....
  4. Hero

    Words Association Game

  5. Hero


    d&g the one is really nice. I got that recently for my brother and he loves it. pocca r one million is amazing too ....they smell good and they stay on ....
  6. Hero

    Go Random

    i eat every 3... i am constantly hungry...... i have not had any form of sugar in the past 4 days.... daram mimiram...... buy a chocolate whey isolate protein add in some raspberries blend realy good smoothie or get greek yoghurt ...mix in 1-2 scoops of whey chocolate and snack its healthy and great once a month i have a cheat meal where i can consume wtf i want jat khali its always junk food and ice cream as much as i can ... i had it yesterday ....kfc lol (messed up there) and loads of icecream ..woke up 6 am in the morning with a dry mouth thirsty as hell ....ama dishab jat khali i saw metallica live
  7. Hero

    Go Random

    i can never see myself getting married ... i have just seen too much in Dubai ... i think every evil move a female can do i have seen lol ... :eek_wft:
  8. Hero

    Rate the avatar above you!

    yup its me :bl
  9. Hero

    Stuff you eat during the summer

    chicken chicken steak steak sweet potato same sh!t i eat all year round
  10. Hero

    Go Random

    i eat every 2 hours
  11. Hero

    Who would u date from Bia2?

    anything good looking
  12. Hero


    im a bodybuilder i use deodorant as cologne ok jokes aside i use d&g the one and aqua di gio only
  13. Hero

    I love...

    LOL merci ..i go to gym 2wice a week and have snickers after work out ...working really well bah bah look whos here LOL Bah Bah Amir aghaye gol, khosh aamadi be khooneye ghadimit. Mashallah pashallah che haykali zadi be ham bro! Great job man Mr. 1908 (This is our little secret)
  14. all money bro ... lol u got money u can b 4,6 they'll date u